X|A Advanced Architectural Design Workshops Summer 2013


It summer time and classes are over!  FUTURES+ would like to bring to your attention X|A Advanced Architectural Design Workshops Summer 2013. X|Atelier is organizing three international intensive workshops of Advanced Architectural Design. The X|A Summer Workshops 2013 are led by X|A principals Erick Cárcamo (SCI-ARC) and Nefeli Chatzimina (USC) in collaboration with Sevgi Türkkan (ITU) all graduates of Columbia University in New York City. As part of an ongoing academic research, X|A workshops introduce participants into contemporary discussions of formal exploration in Architecture and Art.

FIRM: X|Atelier
Hellenic Institute of Architecture &
Istanbul Technical University and Yapi-Endustri Merkezi
PROFESSORS: Erick Cárcamo, Nefeli Chatzimina, and Sevgi Türkkan
COURSE: X|A workshops
YEAR: Summer 2013 – [APPLY HERE]

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Today we are checking out AB-USE II Workshop being put on during February 11-15 at the University of Patras.  The workshop is going to explore the possibilities through the incorporation of scripting in MEL (Maya Embedded Language) that is being integrated in Autodesk Maya design software.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: School of Archtiecture, University of Patras
PROFESSORS: Yannis Zavoleas, Dimitris Zisimopoulos, Vassili Pappas, Vasilis Stroumpakos, Ioanna Symeonidou
COURSE: Workshop – codeabuse.wordpress.com
DURATION: 11-15 February 2013

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Winners of The Breathing Building – PIN architecture


Last month we gave we were given an introduction to PIN architecture, a new competition forum slash architectural design conversation from a friend.  We thought we would showcase the results from the 1st month of competition.  Within this simple 4 inch space the spark of a much larger architectural, design, and social conversation can be had.  We are really intrigued as to how long it will take for this to truly take off, as professionals and students alike can challenge their own architectural ideas in a quick and easy format.  We encourage you to check out this month’s winners and this month’s new brief after the jump!

COMPETITION: PIN architecture
William Su, Gina gage, and Philipp Vargas
YEAR: JAN 2013

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light lab 5.1 – VAV architects


Light, time and space are so simple, but their control can make such a poetic statement within architecture.  They are delicate, yet tangible controls, within architecture as Light lab 5.1 pavilion plays with the power of light and dark to create an overpowering space within the urban environment.  Once inside the element your relationship to space is solely controlled by the flood of light.  You must acclimate to the environment to truly appreciate the beauty of the light channeling in, until you are re-immersed into the full intensity of the sun and busy urban context.  Check it out after the jump!   

STUDENTS: Veniyana Lemonidi, Matteo Goldoni, Jonathan Russell, Nicholas Dunlop, Tati Leonteva, Alexandra Polyakova, Tereza Scheibova, Anna Podrouzkova, Libor Mládek, David Buhagiar, Aulon Harizaj, Jim Walsh

PROFESSORS: VAV architects
COURSE: EASA workshop. Helsinki, Finland
YEAR: 2012

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X|A is organizing an international workshop of Advanced Architectural Design, part of an ongoing academic research, which introduces participants into contemporary discussions of formal exploration in Architecture and Art, through technical attainment of design and production. The Omni(progra)chromatic by X|A is under the auspices of Benaki Museum, the Hellenic Institute of Architecture and the Athens School of fine Arts. It is an opportunity for architects, students of Architecture and Art, professionals designers and artists.

RECEIVING APPLICATION : workshop@xatelier.com
WHEN: 17-23 DECEMBER 2012

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X|A International Workshop of Advanced Architectural Design

As most of you are packing up studio for the summer, we are bringing you a summer workshop by X|A studio presented to us at F+ by Nefeli Chatzimina.  In the realm of academic architecture we are allowed to live on the brink of sci-fi architecture through the discourse of cutting edge digital production.  The workshop is an exploration into complex geometric variations.  Check it out after the jump and register today!   

WORKSHOP: X|A International Workshop of Advanced Architectural Design PROFESSORS: Nefeli Chatzimina & Erick Carcamo
SCHOOL: Hellenic Institute of Architecture
YEAR: July 2012
Location:  New Benaki Museum, Athens Greece

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Post-McQueen Embryos- AA School Paris

The AA School in Paris recently had their final review for their architecture and fashion studio, Post McQueen Embryos.  This studio regularly creates some of the most amazing designs we’ve ever seen.  Although not necessiraly wearable, the designs are certainly provocative, much like the design of Alexander McQueen.  We always find these types of cross-discipline studios super interesting, seeing how architects can use their skills and techniques to create interesting designs of things besides buildings.

SCHOOL: The AA Paris
STUDENTS: Krisada Sungkram, Maria Lima, Lilli Maunula, Zhenyu Yan, Maria-Thala Al Aswad, Rémi Chevrillon, Chloe O’Regan, Rodrigo Quiñones and Leila Mohaghegh
PROFESSOR: Isaïe Bloch
SEMESTER: Spring 2012

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Shape to Fabrication- Westminster University SoA

Check out this digital fabrication studio from the Diploma studio at Westminster University.   Done in a week, the project isn’t the most cleanly done, but still quite interesting.  We like the idea of using multiple teams to create one coherent project, although it still seems a bit disjointed.

SCHOOL: University of Westminster School of Architecture
CLASS: Shape to Fabrication Workshop
YEAR: Fall 2011
PROFESSOR: Rupert Maleczek, Sam Joyce / Al Fisher

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BOTOXUTOPIA – Politecnico di Milano’s School of Architecture – Drew Seskunas

Check out the workshop of Artist/Architect Drew Seskunas at the Politecnico di Milano, with the help of Brice Delarue of Zirkumflex, and the graphic designer Lea Delion. 24 international students participated in a week-long workshop where they designed and constructed an interactive architectural installation.

SCHOOL: Politecnico di Milano School of Architecture
PROFESSORS: Drew Seskunas, Brice Delarue, Lea Delion
STUDENTS: Constantina Agroti, Arezoo Akbarvand, Glykeria Anaxagorouglyka, Stefano Arrighi, Nicolo Bianchi, Giulia Borghi, Miruna-Luiza Caragheorgheopol, Daniele Cremaschi, Vedat Ali Dalokay, Matteo Gobbi, Seyedeh Golkoo Hooshmand Ziafi, Daniele Iori, Berk Kangoz, Katarzyna Krol, Georgios Kyriazis, Lorenza Manfredi, Abdulkadir Eren Ozturk, Amanda Parisi De Marchi, Isha Rathod, Negin Salamat, Marina Serratine Paulo, Alessia Tosini, Maria Vassileva, Ege Yuksek
COURSE: Workshop 

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