School for Darfurian Refugees: Building as a Teaching Tool – Artur Nesterenko – Woodbury University

When you really look at architecture in its most basic need, you must be able to design from the resources that surround you and within the limitations of human craft.  Escaping the world modern technology, you can find the most amazing and well designed projects.  The design process then becomes about the buildings architectural design of form and function and the understanding true sustainable design.

SCHOOL: Woodbury University School of Architecture
STUDENT: Artur Nesterenko
TEACHER: Jeanine Centuori
COURSE: Comprehensive Studio – 2011

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Exoskeleton – Dion J Dekker, Cal Poly

In the last couple years we have seen a lot of shipping container designs from some of today’s leading designers.  This design comes from Dion J Dekker of Cal Poly in his award winning design for a Miami Beach hotel to be built with the re-use of shipping containers to win a Modular Building Institute (MBI) student design competition.  The main unit of the shipping container was used solely as an integrated component of the programmatic design, where in a lot of shipping container designs it is the sole feature of the project.  

SCHOOL: California Polytechnic State University
STUDENT: Dion J Dekker
COURSE: AIA / MBI Design Competition: Miami Beach Hotel
YEAR: 2010

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NATURE|MAN|MACHINE – Thesis Project by Benjamin Badeau – RPI 2010

...also a perfect platform for Base Jumping

Benjamin Badeau envisions a future where Man, Machine and Nature can Coexist

Futures + brings you a Thesis Project which looks at a possible dystopian future in which mankind has all but depleted earth’s resources.  By utilizing architecture as a vehicle for sustainability and self-sufficiency, Benjamin Badeau (RPI class of 2010) proposes a built scenario in which the urban and natural landscapes are physically separated, yet functionally united.  Breaking far beyond the norm, Ben brings a fresh look into refocusing the design of the cityscape and encompassing green technologies into an array of eye-opening renderings, models, and diagrams.  This 5th year thesis project is the product of yet another recent R.P.I. graduate; his passion for design, theory and vision clearly visible in how they are orchestrated in this thesis.

STUDENT: Ben Badeau
SCHOOL: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
CLASS: 5th Year Final Thesis
PROFESSORS: Chris Perry, Michael Oatman
PROGRAMS USED: V-Ray, Rhino, Adobe CS4 Continue reading