TIPTOP – Alex, Jack and Madeleine


Here at Futures Plus, we don’t normally show off any products or things you can buy.  We’re more about ideas, but today we have something a little different.  This is the Tiptop speaker, a simple bluetooth speaker that you can pair with your smart phone, computer, whatever.  But the thing we love about it, is the design is meant to transform space.  The geometry of the case is meant to nestle into a corner, and change the acoustics of the speaker, creating a space filled with sound.  We can’t speak to it’s effectiveness, but we love the idea of transforming your space with just a simple addition.  If you wanna see more, check out their kickstarter page at the bottom, and maybe donate some money.  If you do get one, let us know how it affects your space.

STUDENTS: Alex, Jack and Madeleine

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