The Danteum Redux: Respectful Morphologies – Caio Barboza

6-The Danteum Redux-Diagram-Caio Barboza

To be honest in most of my history classes in Italy I found the best place to sit on our walking tours, and tried catch up on sleep, so I actually had to do some refreshing to make this post.  Caio Barboza’s “The Danteum Redux” project pulls from the Divine Comedy, an epic poem written by Dante Alighieri often seen as one of the greatest works of literature today.  The Danteum was an un-built monument to Paolo Di Canio designed by the modernist architect Giuseppe Terragni.  Caio translates the story into the programmatic relationships within the library.  The spaces are broken up into the three different realms Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso.  Check it out after the jump and tell us what you think!

STUDENT: Caio Barboza
Cornell University
PROFESSORS: Mark Morris, Davide Marchetti and Marina Kavalirek.
YEAR: 2013

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bam!- HE – Wins YAP MAXXI 2013


We at Futures+ want to congratulate our friends Alberto Bottero, Valeria Bruni, Simona Della Rocca, and Fabio Vignolo who have been revealed as the winners of YAP MAXXI 2013.  We have seen their winning work all over the map in the past year, and when we saw a glimpse of their final design we knew that they would be the winners.  We cannot wait to see this project realized as these young architects hard work is finally paying off in a big way.  Make sure to check out HE after the jump!

STUDIO: bam! bottega di architettura metropolitana
ARCHITECTS: Alberto Bottero, Valeria Bruni, Simona Della Rocca, Fabio Vignolo
MAXXI 2013
LOCATION: Rome, Italy
YEAR: 2013

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