“Instead of balanced, elegant and skillful, I want to produce disproportionate, absurd and raw as a unique sensibility to both the content and the form. yet still in a very sentimental context.”  Zifan Liu’s graduate thesis takes a step back from the controls of form and rational relationship.  He tries to design outside the limitations of actual architecture, and explores the absurdity of fantasy, a collage of random thoughts and space.  Reminiscent of collage design through the juxtaposing disparate elements of a place through the actions of excavation, addition, and reconfiguration .  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Zifan Liu
PROFESSORS: Marcelo Spina:
COURSE: Graduate Thesis 
YEAR: 2011

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Point Cloud – James Leng – Harvard GSD

Often we look at our surrounding environment as the parameters that we are required to design around in order to create some form of shelter.  Weather is a tangible, yet an elusive masterpiece.  We can analyze and calculate all the data; we can taste the rain, and bask in the sun, but will still don’t fully understand all of Mother Nature’s tricks.  However James Leng’s project attempts to translate all of that digital data back into analog movement.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Harvard Graduate School of Design
STUDENT: James Leng
YEAR: 2012

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Weekend Studio Break!

Take a break from Studio and enjoy this weeks dose of freshness!

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