French Kiss – Savannah College of Art and Design

What is in a French kiss? The simple act is so perverse yet a purely provocative intimate gesture, exactly what  Jean Jaminet challenge his second year students to portray.  The studio was to design a boutique showroom for French designer Jean Paul Gaultier at Saks Fifth Avenue.  The studio was a strong exploration into ornamental surfaces through digital scripting to challenge the orthodox of white box design, the command show by these second year students is intriguing.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Savannah College of Art and Design
PROFESSORS: Jean Jaminet 
COURSE: 2nd Year Studio
YEAR: 2012

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Loop_3 – Università di Bologna

Form follows function or is it function follows form?  However you look at it students at the Università di Bologna, along with professor Alessio Erioli, pushed form through mathematics and parametric design software to create curvature as structure and an expressive strategy.  The curvature and systematic relationships between those parts allowed for a self sustaining structure outside of the normative of ornamented skin design.  The installation was showcased at the Architectural Biennale of Thessaloniki.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Università di Bologna
PROFESSORS: Alessio Erioli
COURSE: Architectural Biennale of Thessaloniki
YEAR: 2012

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Para Eco-House – Tongji University

Tongji University’s Solar Decathlon project the “Para Eco-House” is a blend between parametric design and ecological innovation.  At first glance you can already see the integration of the parametric design that wraps the facade of the building.  Tongji University brought a mixture of students and professionals together to bring this project to reality.  The finish project blows away the conceptual design renderings, brought to life through the marrying of o theory in eastern philosophy and the theories of Michel Foucault in western thought.  Check it out after the jump! 

SCHOOL: Tongji University
PROFESSORS: Team Tongji University
YEAR: 2012

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AFFECT AND SENSATION – Alejandro Vicente Soto

Design Research in Parametricism, Materality and Affect are the goals of studio DS:13 out of the University of Westminster led by Andrei Martin and Andrew Yau.  Out of this studio we are looking at ‘Affect and Sensation’ by Alejandro Soto, as he brings the Korean Bang to the underground frontier.  Check it out after the jump! 

SCHOOL: University of Westminster in London
STUDENT: Alejandro Vicente Soto
PROFESSORS:  Andrei Martin and Andrew Yau.

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Black Tower – Konrad Basan

Today we are coming at you with a compelling parametric thesis by Konrad Basan that delves into the realm of today’s modern algorithmic and parametric design mythologies.  The “Black Tower’s” design is not only technologically driven, but the imagery of his final thesis book shows amazing craft and is so graphically intriguing.  Truly a thesis book we would love to get our hands on at F+!  Make sure to check out the rest of Konrad’s work after the jump!

SCHOOL: Politechnika Sląska Wydział Architektury
STUDENTS: Konrad Basan
YEAR: 2012
COURSE: Thesis

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