TIPTOP – Alex, Jack and Madeleine


Here at Futures Plus, we don’t normally show off any products or things you can buy.  We’re more about ideas, but today we have something a little different.  This is the Tiptop speaker, a simple bluetooth speaker that you can pair with your smart phone, computer, whatever.  But the thing we love about it, is the design is meant to transform space.  The geometry of the case is meant to nestle into a corner, and change the acoustics of the speaker, creating a space filled with sound.  We can’t speak to it’s effectiveness, but we love the idea of transforming your space with just a simple addition.  If you wanna see more, check out their kickstarter page at the bottom, and maybe donate some money.  If you do get one, let us know how it affects your space.

STUDENTS: Alex, Jack and Madeleine

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We always look forward to seeing what comes out Studio 10 at the Westminster University School of Architecture and the Built Environment.  Dan Dodds Near Unison is an exploitative and playful design pavilion for the Burningman Festival, an extreme gathering of people in Nevada’s Black Rock Dessert to celebrate art, self-expression, and community.  Burningman’s crowds are an eccentric group, but this pavilion fits right in, as the pavilion acts not only as a destination point, resting area, but is also a gigantic pendulum to create sand art.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Dan Dodds 
 Westminster University School of Architecture and the Built Environment
PROFESSORS: Arthur Mamou-Mani and Toby Burgess
COURSE: Studio 10 – wewanttolearn.wordpress.com
YEAR: 2013

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Houston Blues Museum Design Charrette – Archifarm

This past September Archifarm hosted a two day charrette to design the long-anticipated home for the Houston Blues Museum.  Two teams of four architecture students from the University of Houston participated in the charrette, held at AIA Houston headquarters at 315 Capitol Street, the Architecture Center Houston.  The teams based their designs on the 90,000 square foot MHMR Building at 2800 Fannin Street.  Archifarm is a growing architecture design non-profit, headed by Kevin Watters, that offers architecture graduates an Enhanced Intern Experience (EIE).  

STUDENTS: Taneesa Morris, Natalie Rodriguez, Nick Herrera, Chris Castaneda
University of Houston
TEAM GUIDANCE: Pliny Fisk III, William O. Neuhaus III, and Ardis Clinton
COMPETITION: Archifarm – Design Charrette
YEAR: 2012

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Pinch Me Am I Dreaming – Burning Man – Megan Sadler

We all know that there is a lot that goes into the final design solution to a project.  And every once in awhile, its great to get a glimpse into that process of evolution, from idea, through development, to the final project.  Here’s a great photo set of the evolution of Megan’s project for a pavilion for Burning Man.  Check it out!

STUDENT: Megan Sadler
SCHOOL: Westminster University SoA
CLASS: Diploma 10

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Weekend Studio Break!

It might be Superbowl weekend in the states, but most of you are still stuck in studio, so take a studio break and kick back with F+. 

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Cultural House of Jazz – Sura Pattanapanitchakul

It’s a new year and we are coming at you with an amazing M. Arch Thesis proposal by Sura Pattanapanitchakul of the Academy of Art University. The proposal is to showcase how architecture can act as a delicate instrument to play within the nature of the site.  The project is as soulful as the jazz music it houses, a truly amazing thesis proposal and well worth checking out after the jump.

SCHOOL:Academy of Art University
STUDENTS: Surasuk Pattanapanitchakul
COURSE: Thesis Proposal for M.Arch
YEAR: 2011

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Weekend Studio Break!

F+ bringing you this weeks studio break with some amazing artists and studio inspiration!

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Weekend Studio Break

It’s the first weekend of Autumn, and you know what that means.  Cooler weather, warmer clothes, pumpkin beer, and oh so pretty colors of the leaves.  Unfortunately, for a lot of you, it probably means mid-terms too.  So take a break, check out a few cool things and recharge for your review.  Continue reading