TransArchitecture – Ayman


“Transarchitecture”, a term which was coined by Markos Novak, is an architectural discourse that embraced and explored the bridge between virtual and material spaces.  However this theory of design came out around 1996, when architecture was just emerging into the digital real.  However today we are really seeing how this heavily complex virtual designs impact and play with existing architecture in today’s world much like in Ayman’s project done at University of Balamand, Lebanon. We see the beginnings of a strong architectural conversation of how to tie the modern architectural impact onto a historical site, much like Libeskind’s redesign of the Military History Museum. Looking at Ayman’s project I see the opportunity push more into the existing site instead of remaining perched a top of it.  Check it out after the jump!

University of Balamand, Lebanon
YEAR: 2013

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Mr. Brainwash – Art Show 2011

Last night we hit the steets of LA and thought we would change it up this friday, and come at you with something a little different with an architectural view.  We hit up Mr. Brainwash’s Art Show 2011, check it out after the jump!

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The Cave – Gonzalo Vaillo Martinez, Universidad de Alcalá

Today’s project is from Spanish student Gonzalo at the Universidad de Alcala.  The project creates an extension to the Tate Modern on the Thames in London.  Underneath a new plaza, an extension to gallery spaces and a new auditorium allow blurring of boundaries between the Tate and the surrounding neighborhood.  Read the rest from the student after the break.

STUDENT: Gonzalo Vaillo Martinez
SCHOOL: Unversidad de Alcala
CLASS: Thesis

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