Overmining – Andreas Kostopoulos & Avra Tomara


If Tom Wiscombe is your studio professor you know you are going to be exploring the relationship of the architectural envelope and its relationship to the human body and the creation of space.  Andreas Kostopoulos & Avra Tomara put it as an exploration into creating loose and tight spaces that are then “overmined”.  The exploration leads to how spaces begin to push and pull against each other, when spaces kiss, and the junk space.  The program is then forced to push against its external envelope to define the buildings ornamentation, instead of being placed within a box.  The models gif alone is pretty awesome; check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Andreas Kostopoulos & Avra Tomara 
University of Pensylvania, PennDesign
PROFESSORS: Tom Wiscombe & Nate Hume

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FIELD SO GOOD – Ben Warwas


One of our favorite things about architecture school is the ability to go nuts and create forms from anything you can think of.  We’r really diggin’ this project from Ben at SCI-Arc.  Using a pattern within a field condition, he creates living spaces at different scales, using the same tessellated pattern.  The graphics are what we really like about this project, going nuts with color, providing a playful change to the normal black and white drawings.

STUDENT: Ben Warwas
PROFESSORS: Florencia Pita
COURSE: M. Thesis –  Best Thesis award
YEAR: 2012

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Knitted Cloud – Mehrzad Rafeei & Somayyeh Ramezani


Check out this crazy project from Mehrzad & Somayyeh at Sci-Arc.  Made to better bridge the gap between digitally designed, computational geometries and their physical construction, it’s a series of small shading structures made to form a network that shades an entire stadium.  Check it out.

STUDENT: Mehrzad Rafeei & Somayyeh Ramezani
Sci – Arc
PROFESSORS: Marcelo Spina
COURSE: Summer Studio 
YEAR: 2012

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Lead Flow – Alexander Liew


Alexander Liew model alone is what really drew us to checking out this project. The model is rough and yet at the same time extremely playful in its architectural elements. We often lose ourselves in the world and precision of 3D modeling and laser cutting, to the point of forgetting material integrity in design. Models are not to be a perfect representation of your 3D model, but a continuation of your design language and material use. Alexander’s model impressed us by the material exploration of tying the old Canterbury Cathedral into his regeneration design. Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Alexander Liew
Canterbury School Of Architecture
PROFESSORS: Rob Nice & Allan Atlee
YEAR: 2012

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Rio Olympic Kit – Ione Braddick


Every two years we hear and see a city being consumed with new construction for either the winter or summer Olympic Games.  In Beijing China we heard about the massive evictions and destruction in order to make way for Olympic buildings.  In London we got to see the same developments in London’s East side, and in Russia we are hearing how the Sochi mayor is promising snow.  What if the necessary Olympic buildings were only temporary,where the impact wouldn’t be permanent?  We came across Ione Braddick take on the Rio Summer Games on Instagram. The project explores creating a new legacy for the Olympic Games through creating temporary structures for the Olympic Games.  Truly an exciting and fun project to check out after the jump!

STUDENT:  Ione Braddick
Bartlett School of Architecture
PROFESSORS: Johan Berglund and Josep Mias
YEAR: 5th Year

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Goosebumps [in]dependent – Elias Walch


Elias Walch certainly pushes the boundaries of architectural exploration with Goosebumps [in]dependent.  The project sits on the realm of sci-fi an architecture as Elias strived to design something in which had never been seen, heard or even felt before.  Designing a theater in which the spectator’s body is fully immersed into this almost living structure that pumps impulses into your body physically altering your human health. A Scary yet intriguing concept, as are the renderings models that were created for this project.  Check it out after the jump!  

STUDENT: Elias Walch 
University of Innsbruck – Institute for Experimental Architecture
PROFESSOR:  Michael Wihart
COURSE: Studio 3 – www.studio3.me
YEAR: 2013

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Water Tower – Aman Yusuf


Under Professor Ginger Krieg Dosier, an up and coming architect/scientist, Aman Yusuf designed his water tower to become a focal point in the neighborhood of Jumeriah.  It not only acts as water source, but meeting area with its tea bar and over looking observation deck.  Its program is simple, but the model itself is what sparked our interest.  Pulling from the network of veins within the leaf, the structure of the model seems to grow out of the ground wrapping the building and pushing the tower up.  Check it out after the jump! 

STUDENT: Aman Yusuf
American University of Sharjah
PROFESSORS: Ginger Krieg Dosier
YEAR: 2011

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AIR-CHITECTURE TOWER – Intelligent Pencil


We only know this student by pen name, Intelligent Pencil, but once you look at his work you will understand why, and you won’t be able to look away.  We get a glimpse into the different exploration and research needed that builds to these works.  The project builds from a quick study of power lines creating structure, the Birk+Heilmeyer 2010 Observation Tower in Scholzberg, Czech Republic, and an inverse hyperboloid study.  The geometric forms layered create an intensified field condition leaving a rich architectural statement.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Intelligent Pencil
London South Bank University of Architecture
YEAR: 2012

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Surfer’s Retreat – Kacper Chmielewski

Check out this awesome project from Kacper, a surfer’s retreat on Venice Beach, CA.  Although for most of us the summer is almost a distant memory, we are loving this project, giving us day dreams of relaxing on a beach and surfing all day.  The energy and catalysts of wave, wind and ocean, influenced the design, giving it an ephemeral feeling.  We’d love to find a cheap hotel near an awesome surf spot that looked anything like this!

STUDENT: Kacper Chmielewski
SCHOOL: Bartlett School of Architecture
COURSE: 2nd Year – Unit 8
Year: 2012

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Discovery of Slowness – Daniel Reist

As architects we hardly want to be held to the notion of what defines a building, as to what constitutes architectural space.  Daniel Reist looked to the water to be the defining location for his design, breaking from the typical design logic of building on the ground.  Although not your typical tropical cruise liner, the project pushes for a more sophisticated purpose.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Daniel Reist 
University of Applied Arts Vienna
PROFESSORS: Reiner Zettl
COURSE: Studio Zaha Hadid
YEAR: 2012

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