Second Nature – Janne Saario

The summer is starting to wind down, and student’s are heading back to classes pretty soon.  Here at Futures Plus, we’ve been going full steam all summer, so we’re gonna take it a little easy today.  Check out Second Nature, a unique documentary from Element skateboarding company, and team rider Janne Saario.  

SKATER : Janne Saario
COUNTRY: Finland & Sweden
Director: Yves Marchon
YEAR: 2012

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Wurstershire Sauce-UC Berkeley-Landscape and Architecture Graduate Student Team

A collaboration of students from UC Berkeley’s Landscape and architectural departments were brought together to redesign the Wurster Hall Courtyard.  This introduction of this public peace introduces a playful seating area for social gatherings at varying levels.  The design allows the individual to play and interact without any boundaries, and who doesn’t enjoy kicking it outside on a studio break in the west coast sun.

SCHOOL:  University of California Berkeley
STUDENTS:  Brian Gillett, Chris DeHenzel, Rockne Hanish, Jeremy Fisher, William Smith, Marisha Farnsworth, Molly Mehaffy, Henry Richardson, Chris Lesnett, Robert Glass, Alexis Steiner, Anuar Azahari, Alyssa Machle
LOCATION: Wurster Hall Landscape Courtyard
YEAR: 2011
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Evolver – Studio ALICE – Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Today’s project comes from the land of awesome chocolate, and pocket knives. They also make some great architecture projects too.  Studio ALICE’s structure creates a platform to frame views of the landscape, and focus the user on the views, instead of in towards the structure.

SCHOOL:  Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)
COURSE:  Studio ALICE – 2nd Year
PROFESSORS: Dieter Dietz, Olivier Ottevaere, Daniel Pokora, Katia Ritz, Aline Dubach, Isabella Pasqualini
STUDENTS: Meredith Adrian llewelyn; Job Eveline; Belkhodja Ahmed; Clement Augustin; Di giambattista Olivier; Feihl Nicolas; Maire Samuel; Melly Benjamin; Lepoutre Martin; Nantermod Francois
YEAR: Semester 04, Spring 2009

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