Fog Bank- Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo Thesis Studio

Check out this installation done for a senior thesis studio at Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo.  The installation acts to create an environment that creates a certain mood within the space.  Although a little vague in terms of actual definition, (all spaces are in some way affective) we like the form and the way it comes down to invade the space.

STUDENTS: Patrick Delorey, Keith Houchin, Matthew Moran, Ryan Ouimette, Reid Nystrom, Scot Bailey, Kristin Larson, Eric Nulman, Kai Liao, Adam Terwall, Eugene Kosgoron, Monica Sterrett, Aramis Arciga
SCHOOL: Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo
CLASS: Affective Environments
PROFESSOR: Eric Nulman

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REFRACT- Adam E. Anderson, Christian Poules & Alex Diaz

Check out this awesome installation from RISD students.  Created using acrylic, LEDs, and arduinos, the installation is an interactive environment that responds to the inhabitant.  Although it’s a bit small, we’d love to see a large scale installation of something like this.

STUDENT: Adam E Anderson, Christian Poules & Alex Diaz
SCHOOL: Rhode Island School of Design
CLASS: Digital Constructs Fall 2011

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Black Narcissus – Texas A&M


Today F+ is heading to Texas to showcase an insane permanent installation by students from Texas A&M Fab Labs. The amount of prep work and fine detail put into this project can be seen in each panel of construction.  The project envelopes and encompasses the entirety of the space as it reaches up and over the inhabitants.  The project is visually striking and truly imaginative design collaboration between Professor Gabriel Esquivel and his students.  Check it out after the jump! 

STUDENTS: Arnold Ghil, Miaomiao Xiao, Catlan Fearon, Hugo Ochoa, Megan Arrington
Le Phuc
PROFESSORS:  Gabriel Esquivel
YEAR: 2010

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Architectural Installations – Florida International University

Today we’re showcasing a whole class of work, from students in FIU’s Architectural Installations Class, taught by Alfredo Andia.  The installations range in scale and design method, but each one creates a unique piece, explicitly without a purpose.  Although these objects are not representative of any architectural space, they teach lessons in fabrication.  We’ve chosen a few to show, as well as the outline from the professor.  Check em’ out.

SCHOOL:  Florida International University
PROFESSOR: Alfredo Andia
CLASS: Architectural Installations
YEAR: Fall 2011

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Plastic Bag Installation – Robert Janson – Lund University

The students of the Lund Technical College of Sweden were given the challenge to design and create a geometrical installation to inhabit an empty space.  Robert Janson, and his fellow classmates, chose to use plastic carrier bags to create their delicate structure.  The final design was simple and delicate, as the bags explode into the space and dance against the light.  They approached architecture not to create space, but to inhabit space.

SCHOOL: Lund Technical University
PROFESSORS: Theodore Sarantoglou Lalis, Dora Sweijd
and David Erkan
STUDENTS: Emilia Thurin Melin, Karin Backlund, Kim Öhrström, Alexander Carlén, David OttossonEmanuel Kjellberg, Filip Mayer, Johan Svartnäs, Petter Nilsson, Robert Janson
COURSE: Workshop
YEAR: 2011

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Danaus, A Polymorphic Installation- Tulane, Digital Fabrication

Tulane architecture students in Ammar Eloueini’s Digital Fabrication class have created a pretty interesting little installation.  Starting with the idea of anamorphic graphics, the students created a structure that appears as one form when viewed correctly, but is made up of different pieces, each unique.  The pieces range in depth, up to 10 inches thick, where the form acts as a bookshelf. 

STUDENTS: Sam Levin, & Others
PROFESSOR: Ammar Eloueini
SCHOOL: Tulane University SoA
CLASS: Digital Fabrication
YEAR: 2011
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