Modular Housing – Thomas Khoueiry

Conceptual Mall Design 3

When we think of modular homes of late in the US it has been to create flexible and extremely compact homes for places like NYC.  Thomas Khoueiry’s approach in Lebanon was not only to design a modular housing development for Lebanon’s housing crisis, but to also to revitalize the abandoned quarries.  The quarries have left scares all over the landscape, and this new spanning housing typology tries to recapture these lands.  As the project isn’t heavily built into the landscape, but touching it at points, maybe the opportunity for the land to become revitalized over time is a possibility.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Thomas Khoueiry
USEK – Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
PROFESSORS: Zafer Sleiman
YEAR: Fall 2012

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A Case for Generative Order – Moe Shahin


Moe Shahin explores how in the 20th century the drive and need to define order is through creating a contextual relationship. Instead of challenging the defining of space, Moe explored the use of the Cartesian grid, to stray away from the static programmatic spaces, and through space packing and connections to explore open plan design.  Program becomes less rigidly defined, and becomes elastic in function throughout the design.  The simple stacking of a unit yields a complex and richly connected flow of program.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Moe Shahin
Queensland University of Technology
PROFESSORS: Ruwan Fernando, Glenda Caldwell
COURSE: 4th Year – Generative Design Studio 
YEAR: 2012

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X-House- Kellen Qiaolun Huang, Cornell University

Cornell student Kellen takes on the growing trend of single men in chinese society.  Due to a stigma against a lack of ownership of property, men work harder to afford property, and have less time to find a wife, a cycle that feeds itself.  Kellen’s proposal tackles both issues at the same time, providing affordable housing for singles, as well as becoming a vehicle for social interaction.  Although noble,  we feel this starts taking a turn towards dystopian future type fiction.  What are your thoughts on housing being vehicles for social interaction, whether forced or not.  Read the project in Kellen’s words after the jump.  

STUDENT: Kellen Qiaolun Huang
SCHOOL: Cornell University
YEAR: 2011
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