Amsterdam Workplace VI – Yaohua Wang

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Last year we came across Yaohua Wang’s work done at SCI-Arc, and we are back to check a new project done at the Harvard GSD.  Yaohua Wang’s work takes a look at the world and culture of the changing and ever emerging VFX (visual effects) industry.  The design strives to bring filming and post production all under one house.  The circulation whips through the building trying to tie the spaces together with this flowing network of progression through the building.  The renderings and graphic diagrams done by Yaohua Wang are strong architectural visual effects within themselves.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Yaohua Wang
Harvard GSD
PROFESSORS: Ben Van Berkel & Imola Berczi
YEAR: 2013

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Fabricating Grounds: Ice Shelter Installation – Koepcke + Prado

We are heading back to the Harvard to check out a temporary structure designed by Carl Koepcke, Marshall Prado.  This takes building an igloo to the next level, instead of shoveling together heavy blocks of snow, these GSD students used a little parametric modeling, some digital fabrication, and a lot of ingenuity to design and construct this project. Nine hours of construction and 92 unique panels of 3 mil plastic sheeting and some double-sided polyester tape and you check out what happen next after the jump!

SCHOOL:  Harvard Graduate School of Design 
STUDENTS: Carl Koepcke, Marshall Prado
YEAR: 2012

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MUD HALL – 2012 Loeb Fellows

This weekend F+ was roaming through the streets of Boston to check out Harvard’s Mud Hall rammed earth project outside of the GSD’s Gund Hall.  The instillation is showing off the age old practice of rammed earth for building construction and as a way to challenge today’s ideas about “Green Design” practices. Make sure to follow at mudhall.wordpress.comas we will be making sure F+ is back to check it out at completion.

Gund Hall
YEAR: 2012

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