Archipelago – Parametric Pavilion

Today we are checking out a pavilion by the Chalmers University of Technology at the Röhsska Museum of Design in Gothenburg, Sweden.  The project was a semester study into digital fabrication among 33 Students through the use of Grasshopper and Rhino.  Check out the time lapse of the pavilions construction and enjoy the music!

SCHOOL: Chalmers University of Technology
LOCATION: Röhsska Museum of Design, Gothenburg, Sweden
COURSE: Material and Detail
PROGRAMS: Grasshopper and Rhino
YEAR: Summer 2012

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Manufacturing Diffusion – Anthony Policastro

Sometimes professors can push you in the wrong direction, where you are forced to explode into your own design explorations to keep your sanity.  This submission is a self investigation during the past semester at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute by Anthony Policastro, in just one those instances, which sparked this amazing design.  His project took on creating something as simple as a light through an intense investigation into digital fabrication and material studies.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Anthony Policastro
SCHOOL:Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
YEAR: 2011

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Polymorphic Bench- Fast Pace/Slow Pace Team 2, Columbia GSAPP

Polymorphic is a bench that fulfills multiple different functions, taking different forms, and also morphing to different arrangements of users.  It encourages interaction among people through the see-saw like design of each section.  It’s awesome, in terms of catalyzing social interaction away from things like Facebook and into our everyday life, but it seems like there could have been other ways to cooperate on the bench, besides who goes up and who goes down.  What do you think of the overall project?

STUDENTSCharlie Able, Alexis Burson, Ivy Chan, Jennifer Chang, Aaron Harris, Trevor
Hollyn-Taub, Brian Lee, Eliza Montgomery, Vernon Roether, and David Zhai
PROFESSOR: Brigette Borders and Mark Bearak
YEAR: Spring 2011
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A Cultural Interchange – University of Nottingham – Ji Soo Han

A look at the place of computational design in the process of form creation. Ji Soo Han uses multiple mathematical formulas to create the form of this project.  Does this process of creation (identifying variables, running some scripts, taking produced form and creating enclosure) marginalize the role of an architect in the design process?

SCHOOL:   University of Nottingham
COURSE: 5th Year
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Project Distortion – RPI & The Royal Danish Academy

via Anders IngvartsenHere’s a pretty cool, built project from teams at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s SoA and The Royal Danish Academy’s Center for Information Technology & Architecture.  The team of students was comprised of 11 MArch students at the RDA, and 14 students; MArch, BArch, PhD in Acoustics, and MS Lighting.  The project was built for the 2010 Distortion Music Festival  in Copenhagen, Denmark.

STUDENTS: RPI: Ken Appleman, Chelsea Anderson, Nick Axel, John Botts, Sreoshy Banerjea, Caitlin Morris, Kieran Martin, Adam Patela, Heath Horn, Philip Robinson, Charles Sonder, Dave Stasiuk, Erica Voss, Lisa Yue
RDA: Samantha Buell, Marie Chounard, Galip Döken, Dicki Lauth, Cilian Magee, Signe Mikkelsen, Lucia Napuri, Jonathan Roy, Thea Rudnicki-Uholm, Mija Simonsen, Lisa Uhlman
SCHOOLRensselaer Polytechnic Institute & The Royal Danish Academy
CLASS: Seminar Project
PROFESSORS: RPI: Reese Campbell, Demetrios Comodromos
RDA: Niels Andersen, Martin Tamke, Ali Tabatabai, Brady Peters, Anders Deleuran   Continue reading

Ecophysialogical Architecture- Travis Lydon, RPI

Travis Lydon, RPI SOM CASE

STUDENT: Travis Lydon
SCHOOL: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in collaboration with S.O.M.
CLASS: 3rd Year Studio
PROFESSORS: Ted Ngai, Richard Sarrach
PROGRAMS USED: 3D Studio Max, Maya, Rhino, Grasshopper, V-Ray, Mental Ray, Maxwell Rendering                   Continue reading