FIELD SO GOOD – Ben Warwas


One of our favorite things about architecture school is the ability to go nuts and create forms from anything you can think of.  We’r really diggin’ this project from Ben at SCI-Arc.  Using a pattern within a field condition, he creates living spaces at different scales, using the same tessellated pattern.  The graphics are what we really like about this project, going nuts with color, providing a playful change to the normal black and white drawings.

STUDENT: Ben Warwas
PROFESSORS: Florencia Pita
COURSE: M. Thesis –  Best Thesis award
YEAR: 2012

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Creating the World of “Oblivion” – Joe Kosinski


For years Futures+ has been checking out the work of Joe Kosinski, and after seeing their new behind the scene glimpse into “Oblivion” we had to share.  Besides it is Friday, the weather is amazing, and we all know you could use a nice studio break with some amazing inspiration!

FILM: Creating the World of “Oblivion” (2013)
DISIGNERS: Director Joe Kosinski,Lead Graphics animator David “dlew” Lewandowski, and Design Director Bradley “Gmunk” Munkowitz
YEAR: 2013

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