AIR-CHITECTURE TOWER – Intelligent Pencil


We only know this student by pen name, Intelligent Pencil, but once you look at his work you will understand why, and you won’t be able to look away.  We get a glimpse into the different exploration and research needed that builds to these works.  The project builds from a quick study of power lines creating structure, the Birk+Heilmeyer 2010 Observation Tower in Scholzberg, Czech Republic, and an inverse hyperboloid study.  The geometric forms layered create an intensified field condition leaving a rich architectural statement.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Intelligent Pencil
London South Bank University of Architecture
YEAR: 2012

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Thin, Flat, and Super-Inflatable – Diana Barash, Mary Rose Parker, Julius Taniguchi,& Rebecca Fox


Some fear that the art of drawing and design in architecture is fading, and in the professional world it certainly is, however the ability to visualize your ideas threw drawing is still held close to the chest in academic architecture.  I can’t tell how many times my professors asked where my sketch book was, or told me to get out of the computer and back to the trace.  Mark Ericson introduction to architectural drawing is in depth and imaginative view into explorative 2D and 3D architectural drawing.   The work pushes the importance of line weight, shadow control, and pulling 2 D into the 3D realm.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Diana Barash, Mary Rose Parker,
Julius Taniguchi,& Rebecca Fox
Woodbury University
PROFESSORS: Mark Ericson
COURSE:  Intro. to Architectural Drawing
YEAR: 2013

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The Cloud* as an Archive – Andrei Olaru, Anna Gulinska, Elena Romagnoli, Pablo Roman

What if a cloud was something tangible in which the user could experience and move through.  No longer something you look at outside the window from your airplane seat.  Andrei Olaru, Anna Gulinska, Elena Romagnoli, Pablo Roman played with the notion originally designed by  Diller-Scofidio+Renfro’s project for the Swiss Expo’01.  Where space is no longer defined by a solid object, but is in constant flux and the experience is never the same.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Andrei Olaru, Anna Gulinska, Elena Romagnoli, Pablo Roman
University of Applied Arts Vienna
PROFESSORS: Andrea Börner
COURSE: Blur 1st Prize
YEAR: 2012

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F+ is checking out the student winners and honorable mentions coming out of this years 38th annual Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition. 

YEAR: 2012

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Classic Architecture Studies – Chema Pastrana

It’s often rare that we get a glimpse into the inner workings of a architects own personal sketch pad.  Chema Pastrana however posted his classical architecture studies for all to see and we couldn’t pass the opportunity to share.  There is nothing more personal then the side notes, and quick sketches, and playful thoughts etched in our sketch pads.  Professors always push for you to sketch more, and in reality what they should be asking you is to take a break and really just play on the paper.  It is through this playful sketching where the most provocative ideas arise.  

STUDENT: Chema Pastrana
Universidad de Navarra
PROFESSORS: Joaquín Lorda
YEAR: 2012

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Street Life: Communes For Urbanites – Mark Rist – University of Westminster

Today’s project ‘Street Life’ by Mark Rist, is an older RIBA head nod back from 2008, and a very widely reviewed project.  The context of the project challenges the modular society that modern city dwellers reside in.  Where we seek individuality, yet reside in unconnected modulars.  ‘Street Life’ strives to create a new city streetscape that is in constant flux. Check it out after the jump! 

SCHOOL: University of Westminster, London UK 
STUDENT: Mark Rist
AWARD: RIBA – Commendation – Serjeant Award 
YEAR: 2008

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Ecological Research and Algae Monitoring Facility – Christopher Christophi

Today we have a project trying to use Venice’s unique setting to its advantage, reminds us of last year’s work by BAM! Studio.  The project tapes into Venice’s ever growing problem of of benevolent invasive macro algae growth.  The proposed design is to create a facility for the new proposed biodiesel facilities to utilize the algae growth has a natural source of fuel to create energy for parts of Venice. 

SCHOOL: Leicester School of Architecture, DMU
STUDENT: Christopher Christophi 
YEAR: 2011

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Quality Hill Animal Care Center – Christine Dietze

No we can’t say we have ever dropped our pets off at any animal care center quite as good looking this, however we were intrigued far more by the hand drafting and depth in the drawings then the overall concept and program of the building.  The care to detail and visual storytelling by this young architect is well worth a glimpse after the jump!

SCHOOL:  University of Kansas School of Architecture
STUDENT: Christine Dietze
YEAR: 2011
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Preserving the Erased: Didactic Architecture – Brandon Mosley

Today we are showcasing a project from Louisiana Tech University that has been making its rounds on the internet.  It is an interesting project to propose a museum to look retrospectively at the ghost mining town of Pitcher Oklahoma, by literally building into the mining shafts that polluted the town.  The project carries the viewer into the depths of the earth into this foreign space to see man and machines damage to the earth.   

SCHOOL: Louisiana Tech University
STUDENTS: Brandon Mosley
YEAR: 2011

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Today we are coming at you with a follow up for the 37th Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition for this year’s winners. We are showcasing the best of the student winners, and KRob is open to all architecture students, professionals and architectural illustrators throughout the world. Check out the winner’s after the jump!

COMPETITION: 37th Annual Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition
YEAR: 2011
JURY: Julie VandenBerg Snow, Kevin Sloan, Alexander Walter

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