Pinch Me Am I Dreaming – Burning Man – Megan Sadler

We all know that there is a lot that goes into the final design solution to a project.  And every once in awhile, its great to get a glimpse into that process of evolution, from idea, through development, to the final project.  Here’s a great photo set of the evolution of Megan’s project for a pavilion for Burning Man.  Check it out!

STUDENT: Megan Sadler
SCHOOL: Westminster University SoA
CLASS: Diploma 10

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Big Shed – The AA Summer Build

Here’s a pretty amazing project from the Diploma Unit 19 over at the AA.  Designed as a transformable structure, the Big Shed is a design/build project for Hooke Park, in the southwest of England.  Hooke Park is part of the AA, and acts as a space for students to learn ” rural architectures, the crafts of construction, and sustainable timber technologies.”  The Big Shed is part of the expansion of the operations of the park. 

SCHOOL: The Architectural Association
STUDENTS: Diploma Unit 19

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