X|A Advanced Architectural Design Workshops Summer 2013


It summer time and classes are over!  FUTURES+ would like to bring to your attention X|A Advanced Architectural Design Workshops Summer 2013. X|Atelier is organizing three international intensive workshops of Advanced Architectural Design. The X|A Summer Workshops 2013 are led by X|A principals Erick Cárcamo (SCI-ARC) and Nefeli Chatzimina (USC) in collaboration with Sevgi Türkkan (ITU) all graduates of Columbia University in New York City. As part of an ongoing academic research, X|A workshops introduce participants into contemporary discussions of formal exploration in Architecture and Art.

FIRM: X|Atelier
Hellenic Institute of Architecture &
Istanbul Technical University and Yapi-Endustri Merkezi
PROFESSORS: Erick Cárcamo, Nefeli Chatzimina, and Sevgi Türkkan
COURSE: X|A workshops
YEAR: Summer 2013 – [APPLY HERE]

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Night Rendering 1

Today we’re showing what may seem as a more basic project.  But there’s a great design sense in this project from Isaac and Noah at Kent State.  The small decisions that shaped the design of the building really create a great sense of place that we really appreciate.  Also, there model looks aces, check it out.

STUDENTS: Isaac Ocasio and Noah Shroyer
Kent State University
PROFESSORS: Charles Harker
COURSE: Kent States University’s Integrated Design Competition 
YEAR: 2013

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Winners of The Breathing Building – PIN architecture


Last month we gave we were given an introduction to PIN architecture, a new competition forum slash architectural design conversation from a friend.  We thought we would showcase the results from the 1st month of competition.  Within this simple 4 inch space the spark of a much larger architectural, design, and social conversation can be had.  We are really intrigued as to how long it will take for this to truly take off, as professionals and students alike can challenge their own architectural ideas in a quick and easy format.  We encourage you to check out this month’s winners and this month’s new brief after the jump!

COMPETITION: PIN architecture
William Su, Gina gage, and Philipp Vargas
YEAR: JAN 2013

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YAP MAXXI – 2013


Today we are taking a look at the 5 young architecture studios in Italy vying for the winning design of the 2013 YAP MAXXI competition.  Much like NYC’s MOMA PS1 competition the trend is being carried to the courtyard of Zaha’s MAXXI to showcase new and upcoming studios out of Italy. The five selected studios have presented their pavilion designs to the judges and are awaiting the winning proposal.  As we await the winner to be revealed we get a sneak peek into the proposed designs through several images of their models.  Bam! Studio has been on our radar for the past year, as we have seen several of their recent designs win other competitions.  Check it out after the jump!

AKObam!Matilde CassaniLOOP Architecture Landscape & Design, Laboratorio Permanente.
LOCATION: Rome, Italy
YEAR: 2013

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Party Wall – CODA – MOMA PS1


Today we are stepping away from the realm for academic architecture, to take a look at an up and coming young architecture design studio, CODA, who recently was selected the annual MOMA PS1 winner.  Young Architects Program at MoMA and MoMA PS1 is committed to offering emerging architectural talent the opportunity to design and present innovative projects, challenging each year’s winners to develop creative designs for a temporary, outdoor installation at MoMA PS1.  CODA’s “Party Wall” sustainable and recycling approach re-uses skateboard bi products to create large shading screen within the PS1 site.  F+ is looking forward to checking it out this summer, but you can check out more after the jump!

MOMA PS1 – Young Architects Program
YEAR: 2013

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PIN architecture – JAN 2013 Competition


Some of the best designs and innovations are quick and dirty scribbles on a dirty napkin. So why do architecture competition require 6 boards of pretty images and sections, just to get the root idea across? PIN architecture is a way for students, designers, and professionals to quickly participate in a monthly competition. There is no fee to participate and no eligibility requirements. You are forced to keep your idea within a 4 inch diameter circle. A great competition to help flex professionals and students design muscles in a monthly competition. We look forward to throwing down ourselves and see what comes out of these competitions!

COMPETITION: pinarchitecture.blogspot.com
YEAR: Jan 2013

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The Cloud* as an Archive – Andrei Olaru, Anna Gulinska, Elena Romagnoli, Pablo Roman

What if a cloud was something tangible in which the user could experience and move through.  No longer something you look at outside the window from your airplane seat.  Andrei Olaru, Anna Gulinska, Elena Romagnoli, Pablo Roman played with the notion originally designed by  Diller-Scofidio+Renfro’s project for the Swiss Expo’01.  Where space is no longer defined by a solid object, but is in constant flux and the experience is never the same.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Andrei Olaru, Anna Gulinska, Elena Romagnoli, Pablo Roman
University of Applied Arts Vienna
PROFESSORS: Andrea Börner
COURSE: Blur 1st Prize
YEAR: 2012

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The Architizer A+ Awards Launch

Today we are taking a look at Architizer A+ awards, which is looking to try something new and trying to shake up the architectural world. “Film has the Oscars, the internet has the Webbys, advertising has the Clios. Don’t wait until you win a Pritzker to have your work celebrated by an award that matters.” Check it out and maybe your work might be good enough to get recognized.

COMPETITION: The Architizer A+ Awards
SUBMIT: awards.architizer.com
YEAR: 2012

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New York City Vision Competition – 2012 Winners

Today we thought we change it up at F+ and take a look at this year’s winners from City Vision competition to re-envision NYC.  The composition of the first prize project is flat out amazing and artistic.  We highly suggest you take a look at the projects at their full extent at the site along with the honorable mentions.  Check it out after the jump!

COMPETITION: New York City Vision Competition
FIRST PRIZE: Eirini Giannakopoulou,Stefano Carera, Hilario Isola and Matteo Norzi
SECOND PRIZE: Enrico Pieraccioli -Claudio Granato
FARM PRIZE: Miles Fujiki

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Star Wars: Lunar Base Competition Winner

We’re pretty nerdy here at F+, so when we saw the call for entries for this competition, we couldn’t wait to see the results.  The project calls for a moon base for the Rebel alliance depicted in the Star Wars movies (the original 3, we’ll ignore the prequels for now).  Check out Sebastiano’s winning entry.

STUDENT: Sebastiano Maccarrone

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