KREOD Pavilion – Chun Qing Li


KREOD the small dream project of Chun Qing Li is well worth FUTURES+ checking out again, as the projects final images are amazing.  The small pavilion  constructed by a team of very young designers and professionals during the London Olympic Games.  KREOD was one of the many outdoor exhibition spaces in the Greenwich Peninsula during the London Olympic Game.  KREOD is a testament to to how we use digital design, fabrication construction, sustainable design in today’s digital age and incorporate and encompass collaborative design.  Check it out after the jump!

LOCATION:  London Olympic Games
TEAM: KREOD – Chun Qing Li
YEAR: 2012

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AnimalHouse_Betta – Josh Stiling – Roger Williams University

Today we are looking at the social implications of blending physical and visual separations, a rather expansive architectural discourse; however the project is dealing with Betta Splendens Fish.  These fish are known as a fighting fish and playing with the separation of physical space with the provocative notion of visual connection to create tension is extremely intriguing.  Imagine this separation inter-graded into a stadium entrance separating fans at some of the biggest rivals in a soccer match?  A provocative investigation in the social implications it can suggest and the physical study itself is intriguing so enjoy after the jump!

STUDENT: Josh Stiling
 Roger Williams University
Andrew Thurlow
Digital Manufacturing
AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, and Rhino

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Art615 Pavilion – Aalborg University students

It has been a pavilion kind of week!  Art615 project was conceived and built by the students of Aalborg University, DK during their 4 week workshop program: Social Technologies 2010 at the Department of Architecture & Design.  In collaboration with Dolle Trapper the students had 4 weeks to master and design a project utilizing CNC fabrication techniques and parametric modeling.  The intention was to create a pavilion to be installed in a high crime park, to draw attention from the unsafe park and bring a feeling of a safer environment for visitors.

SCHOOL: Aalborg University
STUDENTS: Senad Gvozden, Bjarke Mejnertsen, Kenneth Rytter, Bjarke Apollo, Jacob Hilmer, Dennis Jensen
LOCATION: Aalborg, Denmark 

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