Armadillo Crèche – Andrew Fu

It is always rare for a young student to become the lead designer and to have the opportunity actually have their design constructed.  Andrew Fu won a competition, among 60 students, to have his design for an early childhood learning center in Cosmo City built.  The building itself is bare-bones, yet at the same time extremely elegant with its touches of playfulness and use of bringing light into the classrooms.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Cornell University
STUDENT: Andrew Fu
COURSE: Cornell University Sustainable Design (CUSD)
Year: 2011

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Fragile Shelter – Sapporo, Japan – Hidemi Nishida.

Today we are coming at you with a temporary structure designed by Hidemi Nishida a designer/architect from the Sapporo City University School of Design. Situated in the winter hills of Japan, it is one hell of an awesome tree fort.  The structure dances on the hillside as a gesture to youthfulness, where people can gather and enjoy nature at it finest in the primitive structure.

DESIGNER: Hidemi Nishida
SCHOOL:  School of Design, Sapporo City University
TEAM : Genki Fujita, Akira Nagase
LOCATION: Sapporo Japan
YEAR: Jan. 2011

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