300 Clouds- Benjamin Badeau

After showing you the trailer, we’re bringing Benjamin Badeau’s full 300 Clouds.  Re-contextualizing Chris Marker’s 1962 film La Jetee, imagining a different Earth and a new set of challenges shaped by the myriad, interwoven environmental catastrophes of the past 50 years.  Correlating with Ben’s Thesis Project, NATURE|MAN|MACHINE, the film lies in the realm of science-fiction, while establishing a powerful link between architecture and film.

STUDENT: Benjamin Badeau

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NATURE|MAN|MACHINE – Thesis Project by Benjamin Badeau – RPI 2010

...also a perfect platform for Base Jumping

Benjamin Badeau envisions a future where Man, Machine and Nature can Coexist

Futures + brings you a Thesis Project which looks at a possible dystopian future in which mankind has all but depleted earth’s resources.  By utilizing architecture as a vehicle for sustainability and self-sufficiency, Benjamin Badeau (RPI class of 2010) proposes a built scenario in which the urban and natural landscapes are physically separated, yet functionally united.  Breaking far beyond the norm, Ben brings a fresh look into refocusing the design of the cityscape and encompassing green technologies into an array of eye-opening renderings, models, and diagrams.  This 5th year thesis project is the product of yet another recent R.P.I. graduate; his passion for design, theory and vision clearly visible in how they are orchestrated in this thesis.

STUDENT: Ben Badeau
SCHOOL: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
CLASS: 5th Year Final Thesis
PROFESSORS: Chris Perry, Michael Oatman
PROGRAMS USED: V-Ray, Rhino, Adobe CS4 Continue reading