Library Extension – Natalie Kwee


Everybody gets the sense of being totally overwhelmed either when trying to gather information for a test, the sheer magnitude of a project, or even walking into the library and the overpowering amount of information at your finger tips.  At first glance, when we got Natalie Kwee submission, that same sense of being overwhelmed hit me as I tried to figure out the architectural organization and spatial movements in the design.  My eyes were forced to constantly move through and look at the all spaces and diagrams.  That exact emotion is what Natalie was going for in her Library expansion design, by creating this intense maze of space to move through in your quest for knowledge.  Yet at the same time the design encompasses how we internally deal with being overwhelmed, by breaking the task down into smaller compartmental pieces.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Natalie Kwee
Cornell University
AWARD: 2012 AIANYS Student Award Winner
YEAR: Spring 2011

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Today we are coming at you with a throwback to the 35th 2009 Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition, in our preparation to see this year’s winners for 37th anniversary of the competition. We are showcasing the best of the student winners, and KRob is open to all architecture students, professionals and architectural illustrators throughout the world. KRob is the longest-running architectural delineation competition currently in operation anywhere in the world. 

COMPETITION:  35th Annual Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition
JURORS: Jeanne Gang, FAIA of Studio Gang Architects, Aaron Plewke of Archinect and Michael O’Keefe of SMU.

YEAR: 2009 – Past Winners

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Office Space- Academy of Art University Studio

Check out today’s project, a design/build studio from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  The project was conceived when the professors friend came to them about buying a prefabricated structure to use as a home office space.  The professors realized that this would be a perfect scenario for a design/build studio, and the friend allowed them to use it as their semester studio.  The final project eventually won a citation from the AIA East Bay.
STUDENTS: Justin Ackerman, Mary Telling, Justin Hanan, Shaum Mehra and Shanay Moghbel
PROFESSORS: Greg Upwall, Jennifer Asselstine
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