GSAPP End of the Year Show.

We got a chance yesterday to check out the GSAPP End of the Year Show at Columbia in NYC.  There was a lot of great work, and we applaud the students for it.  But with an ivy league education, you think someone would have realized their words are backwards.  Anyway check out a few pictures from the show after the jump.


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FIVE FELLOWS – Young Architects Buy Detroit Home

We’re heading back to Detroit today, for another UM Taubman School project.  This one was a shot at revitalizing a dead home.  The students bought a house, more like a box, for $500, and created multiple interventions within the home.  Each one seeks to create a unique moment within the home.  Take a look!

SCHOOL: U. of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
FELLOWS: Meredith MillerThomas MoranRosalyne ShiehCatie NewellEllie Abrons
COURSE: Five Fellows – Architecture Fellows design and research work
YEAR: 2009 – 2010

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RPI & SOM Center for Architecture Science & Ecology (CASE)

We thought we’d showcase another one of the programs that we think is a pretty great idea; involving one of the world’s largest architecture firms doesn’t hurt either.  The Center for Architecture Science and Ecology (CASE), a partnership between Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Skidmore Owings and Merrill, focuses on creating ecological solutions to problems posed by our built environment.  Through research, green technologies are integrated into different phases of the building process, from preliminary design strategies, new material creation, or smart wall systems.  The co-op has won multiple awards for innovations in ecological thinking and design.  Check out a few of their best projects.


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An Architecture School Movie?

Here’s something to look out for. archiCULTURE is a soon to be released movie that takes a look at the influence of architecture and design on our daily lives. The film includes a bunch of interviews with big name architects like Zaha Hadid, Toshiko Mori, Shigeru Ban and Thom Mayne. But the main focus of the movie seems to be a group of 5 students in their thesis year at Pratt University in Brooklyn, NY. The students design process and overall projects are used as parallels between the global architecture and design community, and the issues that we all have to deal with within the profession. It’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out, and to get a glimpse at the thesis process at one of the countries top architecture schools.

Check out their website for some good videos, interviews and news.



Since it’s the middle of summer, and new projects are scarce, we’re going to share a few random college architecture related things with you guys. Whether a program we think is a great idea, competitions, or any other random stuff that pertains to college architecture. So check em’ out, and enjoy what’s left of the summer before the new semester begins.