Postcards from the Future – Andrew Thomas

Today F+ is showcasing Andrew Thomas’s Thesis project ‘Postcard from the Future’ from the Manchester School of Architecture.  The project identifies the issues of coastal areas becoming endangered by rising sea levels and their effects on the edge land environments.  Andrew approach in itself interesting, as he approached the design with the military strategy of attack, retreat and defend. His Proposal is to create a soft edge condition that adapts to the rising and falling sea level.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Manchester School of Architecture
PROFESSORS: Rick Dargavel and Amy Hanley
STUDENTS: Andrew Thomas
COURSE: BArch Year 6

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Davyhulme Wetlands & Anaerobic Digestion Park – Thomas Petch

We are kicking off the week with an F+ original submission of the Davyhulme Wetlands & Anaerobic Digestion Park Thesis proposal by Thomas Petch of the Manchester School of Architecture.  The project tackles the ongoing waste management challenges arising in Manchester City and the introduction of BREP, a biomass incinerator.  Residents are worried about the health and social impacts of this plant, and Thomas has instead proposed an alternative option through creating a vast ecological visitor attraction.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Manchester School of Architecture, UK
STUDENT: Thomas Petch
PROFESSORS: Stefan White & Helen Aston
COURSE: Thesis

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Welcome to the Ageing Future – Joe Haire

Today’s post features a thesis by Joe Haire while in his final year at the Manchester School of Architecture.  The proposal tackles the issue of senior housing; specifically using architecture as a means for providing the elderly with the benefits of independent living while ensuring an optimal quality of living.  In addition to design considerations and investigations, the architect in this scenario becomes a coder, writing an automated program for the continued growth and evolution of the original scheme.

Student: Joe Haire

School: Manchester School of Architecture

Studio: Thesis

Year: 2011

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