Lilla Råby – Anahita Nahoomi, Lina Davidsson, Miranda Westfelt and Robert Janson

Check out this urban development for Lund, by a few students at Lund University.  The project proposes the reinvigoration of the urban area by reusing older buildings, removing unused ones, as well as adding some new buildings, aimed at encouraging activity and removing barriers.  Take a look at the rest of the project.

STUDENTS: Anahita Nahoomi, Lina Davidsson, Miranda Westfelt and Robert Janson
SCHOOL: Lund University

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MADE TO MEASURE – Haydar Alward, Mikael Pettersso – University of Lund

We head back to the University of Lund to explore the work of “Made to Measure” by Haydar Alward and Mikael Pettersso in their exploration of a sports complex.  Their second place project is a truly rich and intriguing contained sports complex.  However for a first we actually have a professor’s response to their design proposal.   Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: University of Lund, Sweeden
PROFESSORS: Prof. Abelardo Gonzalez, Prof. John Cramer, Prof. Morten Lund
STUDENTS:  Haydar Alward, Mikael Pettersso
COURSE: Schindler Award 2010
YEAR: 2010

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Plastic Bag Installation – Robert Janson – Lund University

The students of the Lund Technical College of Sweden were given the challenge to design and create a geometrical installation to inhabit an empty space.  Robert Janson, and his fellow classmates, chose to use plastic carrier bags to create their delicate structure.  The final design was simple and delicate, as the bags explode into the space and dance against the light.  They approached architecture not to create space, but to inhabit space.

SCHOOL: Lund Technical University
PROFESSORS: Theodore Sarantoglou Lalis, Dora Sweijd
and David Erkan
STUDENTS: Emilia Thurin Melin, Karin Backlund, Kim Öhrström, Alexander Carlén, David OttossonEmanuel Kjellberg, Filip Mayer, Johan Svartnäs, Petter Nilsson, Robert Janson
COURSE: Workshop
YEAR: 2011

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West Station Plaza- Karl Oscarsson & Bekim Alji, Lund SoA

Everyone may diss on Detroit for being run down, but this project provides a solution for a few of the cities problems.  From the Lund SoA, this train station acts as a new catalyst to the ongoing revitalization of the entire city.  Adjoining the iconic Michigan Central Station, the project uses the amazing architecture left over, as well as re-connects the project to nearby Roosevelt park.

STUDENTS: Karl Oscarsson & Bekim Aliji
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