Sky Cave- Vernon Roether

We’re showing another project from Columbia’s Delancey Underground studio. This one from Vernon, acts as an underground space for meditation and solace. The project also works to connect the above-ground spaces and city infrastructure.  Check it out!   

STUDENT: Vernon Roether
YEAR: 2012

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Vertical Strip- Stephen Sobl

Check out today’s project, from Stephen at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna.  This tower turns the normal skyscraper on it’s head, reaching towards the ground.  The Hoover Dam acts as a backdrop, with the structure hanging from the cliffs on the side of the Colorado River down towards the water.

STUDENT: Stephen Sobl
SCHOOL: University of Applied Arts

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GSAPP End of the Year Show.

We got a chance yesterday to check out the GSAPP End of the Year Show at Columbia in NYC.  There was a lot of great work, and we applaud the students for it.  But with an ivy league education, you think someone would have realized their words are backwards.  Anyway check out a few pictures from the show after the jump.


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Habitat for Humanity House – Yonatan Pressman & Courtney Benzon, Rice University

Usually the projects we show here are investigations into design processes, temporary constructs or hypothetical designs with supposed social impacts, rarely ever tested.  Today though, we’re gonna share a project that will actually do tangible good.  This home, designed by students at Rice University will be built by Habitat for Humanity over 6 weekends next year.  Using an inverted roof truss, the design breaks from the traditional form of previous HfH homes.

STUDENTS: Yonatan Pressman, Courtney Benzon
SCHOOL: Rice University SoA
YEAR: 2011

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Urban Recreation + Transit – Ryan Jorgensen – University of Washington

Today we are coming at you with project by Ryan Jorgensen of the University of Washington, a studio designed for first year graduated students who do not already have a background in architecture.  The project design is for a community center to replace the vacant lot above the new underground rail line.  

SCHOOL: University of Washington
PROFESSOR: Elizabeth Golden , Rick Mohler
STUDENT: Ryan Jorgensen
YEAR: 2011
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Polymorphic Bench- Fast Pace/Slow Pace Team 2, Columbia GSAPP

Polymorphic is a bench that fulfills multiple different functions, taking different forms, and also morphing to different arrangements of users.  It encourages interaction among people through the see-saw like design of each section.  It’s awesome, in terms of catalyzing social interaction away from things like Facebook and into our everyday life, but it seems like there could have been other ways to cooperate on the bench, besides who goes up and who goes down.  What do you think of the overall project?

STUDENTSCharlie Able, Alexis Burson, Ivy Chan, Jennifer Chang, Aaron Harris, Trevor
Hollyn-Taub, Brian Lee, Eliza Montgomery, Vernon Roether, and David Zhai
PROFESSOR: Brigette Borders and Mark Bearak
YEAR: Spring 2011
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Mediating Mediums; The Digital 3D- Greg Tran, Harvard GSD

We’re gonna start off the week a little easy here, let you all ease on into another 5 days.  Today’s project is from Greg at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, his thesis, which discusses the use of 3D technology, and it’s possibility to actually become a 3-dimensional interpretation of our digital world.  See the rest here.

STUDENT: Greg Tran
SCHOOL: Harvard Graduate School of Design
PROFESSOR: Mack Scogin
CLASS: Thesis

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Office Space- Academy of Art University Studio

Check out today’s project, a design/build studio from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  The project was conceived when the professors friend came to them about buying a prefabricated structure to use as a home office space.  The professors realized that this would be a perfect scenario for a design/build studio, and the friend allowed them to use it as their semester studio.  The final project eventually won a citation from the AIA East Bay.
STUDENTS: Justin Ackerman, Mary Telling, Justin Hanan, Shaum Mehra and Shanay Moghbel
PROFESSORS: Greg Upwall, Jennifer Asselstine
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