Detroit Installation- University of Michigan

Check out this small installation on the facade of an old store in Detroit.  Created from metal triangles, the facade maintains security of the space within, while at the same time allowing natural light to penetrate.  This is a great project, and a pretty great way to draw attention to an area at a smaller local scale.

SCHOOL: Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning ( U of Michigan)
  Anand Amin, Andrew Aulerich, Lauren Bebry, Ashley Goe, Tarlton Long,  Justin Mast, Andrew McCarthy, Matt Nickel, Kurt Schleicher, Andrew Stern, Lauren Vasey, Ning Wang, and Brenna Williams
PROFESSORS: Catie Newell, Maciej Kaczynski.

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Landmark – R. Hernández, M. Valdés & O. Véliz; Universidad de Talca

Check out this awesome bench from Chliean students at the Universidad de Talca.  The bench is part of a series of similar benches placed along a path on the Pacific Ocean.  The benches serve as a space for tourists and locals to interact, as well as a resting spot along the way.  Check out the rest!

STUDENTS: R. Hernández, M. Valdés & O. Véliz
SCHOOL: Universidad de Talca

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Temporary Bar – Diogo Aguiar & Teresa Otto, Oporto SoA

Now this is a project we can really get into.  We would have loved to get the chance to design a temporary bar for a big ol’ party.  Diogo and Teresa’s winning proposal for the contest, from  2008, uses some different materials in very unique ways.  Plastic tubs from IKEA act as a facade, that reminds us a lot of the game “Lights Out.”  Check out the rest of the project.

SCHOOL: Oporto School of Architecture
STUDENTS: Diogo Aguiar & Teresa Otto
YEAR: 2008

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Rock and Roll Fantasy, SCI-Arc

Today, we’re skipping all the Black Friday hoopla to bring you a sweet project.  All though you may have seen it a couple of years ago, we’re showing it cause we thinks its awesome, and we wish we were at Coachella right now, enjoying awesome music and great weather.  SCI-Arcs pavilion for the festival created a space for concert goers to escape the crush of crowds, and an environment to just relax, whether in an altered state or not.

PROFESSORS: Benjamin Ball, Gaston Nogues, Andrew Lyon

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URBANbuild – Tulane University


Today, we are going to bring you  a pretty sweet built project. URBANbuild is sort of the other side of the coin from Rural Studio, a studio designed to create a small home through student work in the urban areas of New Orleans.  Take a look at one of the recent builds from the studio, Prototype 04.

SCHOOL: Tulane University School of Architecture
STUDENTS: URBANbuild 04 Team
YEAR:  2008

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ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2011

This pavilion was designed and manufactured in a collaborative effort between the ICD & ITKE, for the city of Stuttgart.  The whole project was designed to push biometric design strategies and performative strategies, acting as a vehicle for “an investigavtion into integral structural, spatial and material systems.”  The pavilions plywood panels interlock with finger joints, like the shell of sand dollars.  

SCHOOL: Institute for Computation Design (ICD) & Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE)
PROFESSORS: Achim Menges, Jan Kippers
YEAR: 2011
STUDENTS:  Oliver David Krieg, Boyan Mihaylov, Peter Brachat, Benjamin Busch, Solmaz Fahimian, Christin Gegenheimer, Nicola Haberbosch, Elias Kästle, Oliver David Krieg, Yong Sung Kwon, Boyan Mihaylov, Hongmei Zhai

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Packed- Michele Leidi, Min-Chieh Chen and Dominik Zausinger

Today’s project is another pavilion.  This one was designed for  the 3D Paper Art exhibition, as part of the wrap-up of Shanghai World Expo 2010.  The pavilion uses circle packing to create a structural system of rings that respond to needs of privacy, circulation and openness.  Take a look, and let us know what you think.

STUDENTS: Michele Leidi, Min-Chieh Chen and Dominik Zausinger

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Big Shed – The AA Summer Build

Here’s a pretty amazing project from the Diploma Unit 19 over at the AA.  Designed as a transformable structure, the Big Shed is a design/build project for Hooke Park, in the southwest of England.  Hooke Park is part of the AA, and acts as a space for students to learn ” rural architectures, the crafts of construction, and sustainable timber technologies.”  The Big Shed is part of the expansion of the operations of the park. 

SCHOOL: The Architectural Association
STUDENTS: Diploma Unit 19

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Chapel – MEDS Students & Breathnach Donnellan O’Brien

You may have noticed that we post a lot of design/build projects.  But there’s a simple reason for it;  we think they are one of the best ways to teach a student to fully understand the entire process of building, from design to construction.   Today’s project isn’t from a school, but a group; MEDS, which is a collaboration between different design students; architecture, interior, industrial, etc.  They built this non-denominational chapel in Istanbul, check it out

TUTORS: Kieran Donnellan,  Darragh Breathnach and Paul O Brien

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Wurstershire Sauce-UC Berkeley-Landscape and Architecture Graduate Student Team

A collaboration of students from UC Berkeley’s Landscape and architectural departments were brought together to redesign the Wurster Hall Courtyard.  This introduction of this public peace introduces a playful seating area for social gatherings at varying levels.  The design allows the individual to play and interact without any boundaries, and who doesn’t enjoy kicking it outside on a studio break in the west coast sun.

SCHOOL:  University of California Berkeley
STUDENTS:  Brian Gillett, Chris DeHenzel, Rockne Hanish, Jeremy Fisher, William Smith, Marisha Farnsworth, Molly Mehaffy, Henry Richardson, Chris Lesnett, Robert Glass, Alexis Steiner, Anuar Azahari, Alyssa Machle
LOCATION: Wurster Hall Landscape Courtyard
YEAR: 2011
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