YAP MAXXI – 2013


Today we are taking a look at the 5 young architecture studios in Italy vying for the winning design of the 2013 YAP MAXXI competition.  Much like NYC’s MOMA PS1 competition the trend is being carried to the courtyard of Zaha’s MAXXI to showcase new and upcoming studios out of Italy. The five selected studios have presented their pavilion designs to the judges and are awaiting the winning proposal.  As we await the winner to be revealed we get a sneak peek into the proposed designs through several images of their models.  Bam! Studio has been on our radar for the past year, as we have seen several of their recent designs win other competitions.  Check it out after the jump!

AKObam!Matilde CassaniLOOP Architecture Landscape & Design, Laboratorio Permanente.
LOCATION: Rome, Italy
YEAR: 2013

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Vertical Zoo – Andy Zheng, Andrew Chardain, Patty Clayton, Rachele Louis, Angela Pasquale

Usually when you think about going to zoo you think about traveling to a sprawled out space where you will spend the day frolicking through the cages checking out the sweet monkeys and Lions.  However this Zooviary will tower as a symbol for the city of Buenos Aires, where the notions of what comprises a zoo is radically flipped.  The tower stands at the playful transition between the dense urban fabrics of the city and the wild side of nature.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
COMPETITION: ARQUITECTUM – Vertical Zoo, Buenos Aires
PROFESSORS: Christopher Sharples @ Coren Sharples of SHOP
STUDENTS: Andy Zheng, Andrew Chardain, Patty Clayton, Rachele Louis, Angela Pasquale
YEAR: 2009 

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Rest Area Contest – Alejandro Cobanera & Beatriz Barberán

Today we are checking out a contest submission done by Alejandro Cobanera & Beatriz Barberán for a resting area.  The creation is a playful resting area that is created through a nest of crossing straps where one can begin to sit and relax and or climb around.  If only tertiary space could be this fun in buildings today!  

SCHOOL: San Pablo CEU University
Alejandro Cobanera & Beatriz Barberán

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House’s Loft- Adolfo Samudio

Today we’re showing you the winner of a recent Arquitectum competition.  The competition was to create a new loft for Dr. House, the TV character, at the top of the Flatiron building in NYC.  The proposal takes the geometry of the building, and rotates it, creating new perspectives of the city.  Check out the project and the text after the jump.

STUDENT: Adolfo Samudio

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Synthetic Gardens- Adam Fure, Ellie Abrons and Daniel Norell

Check out this wonderfully done project from a few students at UCLA.  All though a few years old, the project just won the annual archive competition from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.  Creating a public greenhouse, the project activates the hillside to create a public space that functions at multiple levels.

STUDENTS: Adam Fure, Ellie Abrons & Daniel Norell
SCHOOL: University of California, Los Angeles
YEAR: 2006
CLASS: Advanced Topics Studio
PROFESSOR:  Jason Payne

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Trimo Urban Crash Competition Winner 2009 – Jan Ledwon and Alicja Chola

Here’s an oldie, but we think it’s pretty dope, and haven’t seen it around before.  This is the winner of the 2009 Trimo Urban Crash competition.  Created to be a multi-function space and cultural stage.  The sculptural form shows a relation to context and “creation of a subject, instead of object.”  Take a look.

STUDENTS: Jan Ledwon & Alicja Chola

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Today we are coming at you with a throwback to the 35th 2009 Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition, in our preparation to see this year’s winners for 37th anniversary of the competition. We are showcasing the best of the student winners, and KRob is open to all architecture students, professionals and architectural illustrators throughout the world. KRob is the longest-running architectural delineation competition currently in operation anywhere in the world. 

COMPETITION:  35th Annual Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition
JURORS: Jeanne Gang, FAIA of Studio Gang Architects, Aaron Plewke of Archinect and Michael O’Keefe of SMU.

YEAR: 2009 – Past Winners

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La Metamorfosi Turin Spina4 – Roccella, Capello, Carignano, Vignolo

Today we’re bringing you a thesis project from a group of students at Italy’s Politecnico di Torino.  Paolo Carignano, Simona Della Rocca, Fabio Vignolo, Alessandro Capello are all recent graduates of the Politecnico di Torino.  There thesis proposal was to increase the density in the cityscape through an understanding and playing of an intricate fabric creating a multi-leveled system throughout the area.  The group used their award winning thesis as a springboard, and started a studio together, BAM! Studio, and continue to create great work.

SCHOOL: Polytechnic University of Turin
Paolo CarignanoSimona Della Rocca, Fabio VignoloAlessandro Capello
COURSE: Thesis and THE METAMORPHOSIS Ideas Contest
YEAR: 2010

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Exoskeleton – Dion J Dekker, Cal Poly

In the last couple years we have seen a lot of shipping container designs from some of today’s leading designers.  This design comes from Dion J Dekker of Cal Poly in his award winning design for a Miami Beach hotel to be built with the re-use of shipping containers to win a Modular Building Institute (MBI) student design competition.  The main unit of the shipping container was used solely as an integrated component of the programmatic design, where in a lot of shipping container designs it is the sole feature of the project.  

SCHOOL: California Polytechnic State University
STUDENT: Dion J Dekker
COURSE: AIA / MBI Design Competition: Miami Beach Hotel
YEAR: 2010

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Re-ligare Competition – Daniel Merritt & Kyle Post, Lawrence Technological University

Today at F+ we are keeping it state side with this competition project coming out of Lawrence Technological University, out in Southfield, Michigan.  The project takes a philosophical and introspective view into people in the machine of society today.  Can architecture really change the way that society functions and the way we live our lives today?  The project is a visually gripping project and an intriguing view on the reality of today, designed by Daniel Merritt and Kyle Post.

STUDENTS: Daniel Merritt, Kyle Post
FACULTY: Steven Schneemann
INSTITUTION: Lawrence Technological University
STUDIO / COURSE: Re-ligare Competition
YEAR: 2010

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