Bangalore Kickstarter

exterior 2 a3Although normally an internet idea of showcasing an idea for funding, Joe Best’s Bangalore Kickstarter is about helping out recent graduates.  Created as a space for recent grads, the building acts as 3 unique spaces, unified by the constant curving form of the building.  Check it out.

SCHOOL: MArch Student at CSA 4th Year

Based in Bangalore next to the RMI University, one of India’s top Art and Design institutes lies a progressive Skyscraper which has been designed using a selection of three methodologies and materialities in the trio of schemes. The choice of site was due to the RMI’s high interest in aiding graduates into the working world, the kickstarter building can take these newly graduated designers into its realm providing a place of work, living and leisure in one building.

The Design Curve houses a variety of studio and office spaces available for graduates / entrepreneurs within the design realm. The concrete curve follows the method of no walls, just a continuing layer folded upwards.


The Black Box is a multi-functional mechanical performance and bar space allowing for a variety of productions to be hosted within. The Black Box is constructed of steel tessellation allowing all weight housed within transferred to the exterior.

bb passive edit bb active edit

The Village is the private realm which accommodates housing, food, recreational activities and public space allowing those within the curve to have a social networking space alongside the career networking below. Using mainly timbre construction, the Village holds a traditional route of housing structure.

interior render


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