ArchiCULTURE – Official Trailer


One of our first posts on Futures+, almost 2 years ago now, was our first glimpse into the filming of ArchiCULTURE.  A short documentary about the lives of several thesis design students at Pratt, by far the hardest year for any architecture student.  It was three years in the making and the film crew spent countless hours in studio following these students and interviewing some of today’s top architects.  Finally a glimpse into the academic animal that is known as studio!  Check it out after the jump!


Archiculture Official Trailer from arbuckle industries on Vimeo.

“Archiculture is done! After years of blood, sweat, tears and perseverance we are thrilled to announce that Archiculture is complete and will be premiering this coming Monday at the Newport Beach Film Festival (buy tix here)!

After many revisions Archiculture is now a short documentary film that illustrates the strengths and perils of architectural education. Following a group of design students through their final projects, it presents insightful criticism about design education by many leaders in the academic and professional world. The direction of the film has significantly changed since our last newsletter (almost three years ago!), so check out the trailer below to get a better sense of the film’s refreshed perspective and please share/embed it as far and wide as you like. For more information visit the new Archiculture website.”

Follow the documentary at

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