Library Extension – Natalie Kwee


Everybody gets the sense of being totally overwhelmed either when trying to gather information for a test, the sheer magnitude of a project, or even walking into the library and the overpowering amount of information at your finger tips.  At first glance, when we got Natalie Kwee submission, that same sense of being overwhelmed hit me as I tried to figure out the architectural organization and spatial movements in the design.  My eyes were forced to constantly move through and look at the all spaces and diagrams.  That exact emotion is what Natalie was going for in her Library expansion design, by creating this intense maze of space to move through in your quest for knowledge.  Yet at the same time the design encompasses how we internally deal with being overwhelmed, by breaking the task down into smaller compartmental pieces.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Natalie Kwee
Cornell University
AWARD: 2012 AIANYS Student Award Winner
Spring 2011


“The library extension in Sweden was a study in combining complex forms with architectural intent working mainly with 3D digital modeling programs and digital fabrication.

library_section_800 library_diagrams_800 library_sky_800
Programatically, the library is a physical manifestation of the individual’s infinite quest for knowledge. Procession through the library is choreographed to induce a sense of being overwhelmed by the unattainable amount of knowledge.” – Natalie Kwee

library_circulation_800 render_street_800Check out the rest of Natalie Kwee amazing work at

FUTURES+ Original Submission

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