Sculpted Box – Taryn Bone + Johnny Ng


Since the addition of the High Line to the New York City landscape we have begun to see an influx of apartment buildings and high rises being built all around it.  Unlike when it was an elevated  rail system and buildings shunned the tracks, the new designs are creating an intimate relationship to the site, as they hug it closer and lean over the walkway. Taryn Bone and Johnny Ng project does that and more, as their project pushes and pulls against the high line, the facades densification plays with the new found voyeurism given to walkers on the raised platform.  The skin of the building opens up reveling circulation and public spaces, and blanks out private space, leaving some program to the viewer’s imagination.  We just wish all these buildings would begin the 2nd dialogue of the high-line and finally begin to connect points of public circulation into these new hubs.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Taryn Bone + Johnny Ng
PROFESSORS: Marcelo Spina –
COURSE: M.Arch 1- year 2

EXT2workDONE3grayflat.tif intWORKgrayscalecmyk.tif

“The tension of our project comes from our initial investigation of sculpting a simple extrusion from site conditions and creating an aggregated primitive massing using the sculpted box as reference for the tripartite system which pushes away from the High Line at the middle and cantilevers it’s heavy top over the High Line.

diagram 2After merging these two opposing elements, we found the  space in between the primitive mass and the outer cage became the most special elements in our project.  These spaces make up the circulation and public gathering areas throughout the tower.  They offer magnificent views of the city and views through the entire building, from the seemingly levitating mass above to the chasm below.

front elev lg sectional 006

Architecturally, this interstitial space creates a sectional quality to the building which exhibits the figures of the primitives trapped within the larger figure of the sculpted box.”

-Taryn Bone + Johnny Ng

FUTURES+ Orginal Submission 

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