Winners of The Breathing Building – PIN architecture


Last month we gave we were given an introduction to PIN architecture, a new competition forum slash architectural design conversation from a friend.  We thought we would showcase the results from the 1st month of competition.  Within this simple 4 inch space the spark of a much larger architectural, design, and social conversation can be had.  We are really intrigued as to how long it will take for this to truly take off, as professionals and students alike can challenge their own architectural ideas in a quick and easy format.  We encourage you to check out this month’s winners and this month’s new brief after the jump!

COMPETITION: PIN architecture
William Su, Gina gage, and Philipp Vargas
YEAR: JAN 2013

Winners of The Breathing Building :


William Su – Wilmington, Vermont, United States

GinaGage Gina Gage – Munich, GermanyPhillipVargas

Philipp Vargas – Berlin, Germany

“In pursuit of higher R-values and lower energy bills, buildings are increasingly becoming hermetically sealed from exterior environments. While energy efficiency is extremely important, buildings can also be designed to open up to outside conditions. Glass affords buildings visual connection with the outdoors;however, other qualities (breezes, sounds, and smells) are typically limited to the operation of windows and doors. How might a building more fundamentally open and close beyond standard methods of fenestration? How might it inhale and exhale?”
“Sidewalks are dynamic junctures between spaces, functions, and speeds, yet are physically static.  A horizontal slab of concrete or stone is essentially a tabula rasa, an open platform for foot travel, public interactions, and spontaneous experiences.   This juncture is ripe with activity, yet sidewalks are essentially unaffected by the impact of use.  What if a sidewalk could be manipulated, illuminated, or fundamentally altered by a passing pedestrian?   How might a sidewalk function in a way that is more responsive?
Submissions may be technical, conceptual, practical, and/or artistic. Participants are asked to consider depicting the concept in multiple positions.”
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