bam!- HE – Wins YAP MAXXI 2013


We at Futures+ want to congratulate our friends Alberto Bottero, Valeria Bruni, Simona Della Rocca, and Fabio Vignolo who have been revealed as the winners of YAP MAXXI 2013.  We have seen their winning work all over the map in the past year, and when we saw a glimpse of their final design we knew that they would be the winners.  We cannot wait to see this project realized as these young architects hard work is finally paying off in a big way.  Make sure to check out HE after the jump!

STUDIO: bam! bottega di architettura metropolitana
ARCHITECTS: Alberto Bottero, Valeria Bruni, Simona Della Rocca, Fabio Vignolo
MAXXI 2013
LOCATION: Rome, Italy
YEAR: 2013


“Great Architecture and light, floating in the air above the square of the MAXXI create shade and water during the day and light at night is the installation He , the study Turin bam! shop architecture underground , winner of YAP MAXXI 2013, the program for the promotion and support of young architectural organized by MAXXI Architecture in collaboration with the MoMA / MoMA PS1 in NY, Constructo in Santiago, Chile, and for the first time, Istanbul Modern ( Turkey).


An international jury selected from a shortlist of five finalists for the winning project YAP MAXXI 2013, in its third year.



Installation He will be realized in the coming months and inaugurated in the square of the MAXXI June 20, 2013, at the same time the projects Party Wall of CODA Ithaca-NY (winner of YAP 2013 in New York) in the courtyard of MoMA / MoMA PS1 and Sky Spotting Stop the study SO? Istanbul (winner of YAP 2013 in Turkey) in the square of Istanbul Modern. In Santiago de Chile instead, the installation of Forking Paths The Garden of the study Beal + Lyons Architects (winner of the Chilean YAP 2012) will be inaugurated on March 7, 2013.



All finalists will be shown in a single exhibition in four seats of the institutions involved.

He is an installation of large-scale hot-air balloon, rising above the square of the MAXXI, floating in projecting its shadow on the grass and on a platform of wood all around: a place of rest, play and relaxation. During the day, the perimeter of the prism dripping water balloon that ideally defines the space underneath the volume and creates a curtain refreshing for the audience. When night falls, the water gives way to light, making the balloon in a lantern hanging in the sky.


Low loader and lightness, innovation and flexibility, transparency and sustainability are the characteristics of He. In late summer the prism will be deflated and helium will be recovered and used in scientific and medical research.”

bam! shop underground architecture, Turin –


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