Futures + Design – Your Student Architectural Journal!

We started F+ so that  you can showcase all your hard work and design theory to the world!

Over the past year we never expected Futures + Design to grow so fast and reach so far, and we hardly want it to stop.  The three of us started this site to continue the academic architectural conversation that we love so much, we live for the freedom of design that the studio culture brings.  We want to shine a light on the amazing academic design coming out of universities, design studios, and creative labs around the world.

This is where your help comes in! The Futures+ community can only grow through the willingness to share work and have a conversation about design.  Over the past year we have sought out the best student works we can find, spoken with countless students and professors from around the world, and spoken with anybody willing to listen about F+.  We are excited to where this may lead, and we may run F+, but the conversations and works we showcase are up to you!

We want to push the forward-thinking design that is being cultivated in schools around the world.  We seek to incite conversation between students, designers, and professors alike.  Don’t be afraid to comment on the work …BE A CRITIC.

Cheers and Keep Following,

Team Futures+

So submit your project, and let the rest of the world see your skills!


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