29th November 2012 Cross-Crit – WeWantToLearn.net


It is that time of a year again when the late nights in studio and long hours modeling pay off, as most of you are walking into your final reviews and crits for the first half of the year.  We get a small glimpse into a recent cross-Crit in Diploma Studio 10 on wewanttolearn.wordpress.com, one of our favorite student/professor open run blogs to follow.  The studio is run by Arthur Mamou-Mani and Toby Burgess at Westminster University School of Architecture and the Built Environment.  The studio brief really shows an excitement to push and expose students and allow them to explore digital tools and natural structural systems outside of the norm.  A truly exciting studio, and the students work and shown excitement in their work and design makes it a must follow.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENTS: Emma Whitehead, Luka Kreze, Marilu Valente,
SCHOOL: Westminster University School of Architecture and the Built Environment
CRITS: David AndreenJack Munro,Dusan Decermi, Toby Burgess,
 and Anthony Boulanger.
COURSE: Diploma Studio 10
YEAR: 2012


“DS10 is obsessed with analogue experiments combined with digital tools, while daring to be naïve, curious and optimistic. The studio is passionate about natural structural systems and believe that sustainable design is a given, not an option. They believe architects should also be entrepreneurs, and value combinations of architectural quality with social responsibility. Through the use of digital tools, for analysis, formal generation and fabrication, we seek an architecture of beauty which responds intelligently to its environment, and sits within a wider cultural context.



We will begin with an intensive period of analysis of generative systems, chosen by the student with a distinct emphasis on beauty. Systems may be natural, structural, geometrical, physical or mathematical, aiming to understand the underlying rules through intensive cross testing and documentation of physical and digital experimentation. This will be accompanied by regular parametric software training sessions with each student developing an arsenal of digital skills to incorporate in later work.”

                                                                                                                 -Arthur Mamou-Mani


All images and text via wewanttolearn.wordpress.com

1 thought on “29th November 2012 Cross-Crit – WeWantToLearn.net

  1. Thanks a lot Future Plus. We really enjoy your blog too! Students will publish their final proposals in January. We are now off for a week to a fab lab to build full scale prototypes of the project. The DS10 studio is also ran by my co-tutor Toby Burgess 🙂

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