The Cloud* as an Archive – Andrei Olaru, Anna Gulinska, Elena Romagnoli, Pablo Roman

What if a cloud was something tangible in which the user could experience and move through.  No longer something you look at outside the window from your airplane seat.  Andrei Olaru, Anna Gulinska, Elena Romagnoli, Pablo Roman played with the notion originally designed by  Diller-Scofidio+Renfro’s project for the Swiss Expo’01.  Where space is no longer defined by a solid object, but is in constant flux and the experience is never the same.  Check it out after the jump!

STUDENT: Andrei Olaru, Anna Gulinska, Elena Romagnoli, Pablo Roman
University of Applied Arts Vienna
PROFESSORS: Andrea Börner
COURSE: Blur 1st Prize

“Imagine the Cloud as a place on an Archive. Located along the coastline, 450 m structure of the Archive confronts as with an experience of encountering something that we already know. A new point of departure re-organizes and de-composes spatial memory of the Cloud. It brings us to the point where we can study it. Once we are inside we can go into its details, research its fear of the rescue and erasure of the traces. Generating structure of the Cloud is designed as movable machinery which travels along the sectors of the Archive. It is equipped with nozzles producing the Cloud and movable platform on which the Visitors can travel to the level 02 of the structure.

Generating machinery moves from sector 01 to 10 with one day interval, constantly producing the Cloud, taking its resources from the lake water. Moving machine intervals allow the Visitors to select specific date and accessible sector from which the exploration of the Cloud begins.

Along 450 meters of possible maneuvering along the structure they can perceive different instances of the Cloud. Starting from an instance on level 02 – which is an observatory level where the Cloud is visible only, captured in archival wall – they can decide on going lower, on level 01 of the structure. Walking on level 02 they are not only seeing the Cloud, it is all around them, and it is present and touchable. They can walk on multiple suspended bridges which all soaked in the changeable atmosphere Cloud. There are several of the bridges going to the water level with one walkway. Level 00 states for the Origin of the Cloud. That is where the travel through the Cloud ends, on both ends of the 450 structure.”

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