Panama Supercharge – Bika Rebek

Bika Rebek project “Panama Supercharge”, out the University of Applied Arts Vienna, is an exploration into mass and fragility.  The project was designed to rest alongside the Panama Canal, a massive canal that is the gateway between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.  The projects richness comes through the raw material and delicate structure that creates the envelope within this space.  The structure itself branches itself between the industrial world and the jungle that surrounds the canal.  Check it out after the Jump!

STUDENT: Bika Rebek
University of Applied Arts Vienna

“Panama Supercharge” is an architectural dialogue between mass and fragility, expressed as thin patterned develop-able surfaces out of metal sheets and heavy masses out of raw concrete.

The building is adjacent to the new pair of locks at the Panama Canal, creating an environment for cruise ship passengers while they are waiting for the ship to pass the lock. In one hour visitors move through spaces with different identities and climate zones, creating highly varied, densely packed atmospheres.

Plant-houses, aquariums and an exhibition inform on the astonishing biodiversity of the area surrounding the Panama Canal. One side allows for spectacular views onto the water lock, on the other side visitors take a walk into the jungle canopy. The building becomes a threshold between an industrial structure and nature.”
Bika Rebek

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