The Architizer A+ Awards Launch

Today we are taking a look at Architizer A+ awards, which is looking to try something new and trying to shake up the architectural world. “Film has the Oscars, the internet has the Webbys, advertising has the Clios. Don’t wait until you win a Pritzker to have your work celebrated by an award that matters.” Check it out and maybe your work might be good enough to get recognized.

COMPETITION: The Architizer A+ Awards


“Architecture doesn’t need another award program stuck in the architectural echo chamber. Ugh. Enough with that echo chamber where architects tell other architects which architects they like. The industry needs to break out and the A+ Awards are designed to do it.

We decided to make the biggest, most visible, most awesome awards program that architecture has ever seen. First off we partnered with the producers of The Webby Awards – the ultimate annual internet awards. Then we invited 200+ jurors from fields that include architecture, but also product design, technology, and development (the people who actually hire architects!). 50+ categories designed for relevancy; an award trophy designed by Snarkitecture and fabricated by the same group that makes the Emmys; and a red carpet gala in New York City in May 2013.

The early entry deadline for the Architizer A+ Awards is November 9, 2012. Enter at


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