Sky Cave- Vernon Roether

We’re showing another project from Columbia’s Delancey Underground studio. This one from Vernon, acts as an underground space for meditation and solace. The project also works to connect the above-ground spaces and city infrastructure.  Check it out!   

STUDENT: Vernon Roether
YEAR: 2012


“What’s special about Sky Cave park is its ability to alter your perspective of the city. Visitors descend into a secret landscape of both active and forgotten infrastructure, experiencing the organs of a living, breathing city. Motion is abstracted and revealed though special moments punctuated by intrusions of light, sound, and touch.

60,000 square feet of abandoned MTA infrastructure connected to an active subway platform at Delancey Street, the park acts as a critical connective thread, taking the dangerous intersection at Delancey and Essex Streets and reclaiming it for the pedestrian. It stitches the subway platform and the neighborhood north of Delancey with the new SPURA development project to the south as well as the new proposed Essex Market site. The project is a new typology of city node, a marriage between the transit hub and the public park.”

– Vernon Roether

All text and images via Experiments in Motion

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