Theoretical Institute – Vienna, Austria – Benjamin Badeau – RPI

As architects and designers we become excited and enamored with cross pollinating the disciplines into our design strategies.  In today’s project Benjamin Badeau (Man-Nature-Machine) strives to design a space in which brings together the culture of physicist into the public arena.  If anything the renderings alone make you want to go out tonight and lay under the stars.  Check it out after the jump! 

SCHOOL: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
STUDENTS: Benjamin Badeau 
YEAR: 2008

“The 20th Century brought advances in physics in two major areas; relativity and quantum mechanics.  The first being a very large, cosmic scale, regarding force and gravity, the second being the nano-scale, particle physics.    The depth and intensity of research becomes ungraspable to the general public, but through experience of space, time, and gravity, Architecture can provide a link between the theoretical physics realm and the public realm.

The program scales from public market and park space, to semi-public exhibition/cafe/lounge, to semi-private gyms/saunas, to private research offices/labs and library.  The design re-creates a seemingly expansive ‘cosmos’ for the physicists to submerge themselves in their research, with a library that links the entire third level.

Using semi-public/private zones as a link between the public and the scientists, the discipline gains an opportunity to expand.  The public and scientists can access architecture and physics simultaneously through space, time, and gravity, and experience large scale ‘bodies’ that appear to float above them, while small scale details and texture allow an infinite experience.

Facades allow sunlight to perforate down to the public market zone, while dominant winds ventilate the structure.  Vegetation enters the public zone from the neighboring park, and scientists have rooftop green-spaces for a private escape.”

FOrginal Submission by Benjamin Badeau

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