Star Wars: Lunar Base Competition Winner

We’re pretty nerdy here at F+, so when we saw the call for entries for this competition, we couldn’t wait to see the results.  The project calls for a moon base for the Rebel alliance depicted in the Star Wars movies (the original 3, we’ll ignore the prequels for now).  Check out Sebastiano’s winning entry.

STUDENT: Sebastiano Maccarrone

We need a new symbol, confirming that rebels are a strong alliance.  Inaccessibility to the management and logistics plans and prisons makes the lunar base best suited to host the highest positions in the alliance.  It develop on a vertical axis, inside the structure plan has a radial design for the organization and the partitioning of space.  The wide conference hall is equipped with rescue shuttles in case of attack with direct ejection through tunnels dug into the moon. The emergency exits are located in different positions on the lunar surface and the expulsion can not be pre-planned to make it impossible to recognize those who is in the shuttle

The base is composed of 3 specific sections:
1- Above ground: radio station, landing deck for spacecraft, first defens and occulation.
2-Crater: Main access, ring of security, area of logistics support, military crew quarters.
3-Safety Area (Underground):  Residences, energy storage, congress hall for rebellion alliance, emergency exit, prisoner block.

The cover of the external base is composed of an alloy of silicon and glass, reflects light space camouflaging. The same cover surface absorbs solar energy to accumulate in storage rooms.

One of the characteristics of the moon is the diversity of materials that make up the surface, useful in the construction of all parts of the basic (uranium, thorium, potassium, oxygen, silicon, magnesium, iron, titanium, calcium, aluminum and hydrogen)

All text and images from Arquitectum

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