Fog Bank- Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo Thesis Studio

Check out this installation done for a senior thesis studio at Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo.  The installation acts to create an environment that creates a certain mood within the space.  Although a little vague in terms of actual definition, (all spaces are in some way affective) we like the form and the way it comes down to invade the space.

STUDENTS: Patrick Delorey, Keith Houchin, Matthew Moran, Ryan Ouimette, Reid Nystrom, Scot Bailey, Kristin Larson, Eric Nulman, Kai Liao, Adam Terwall, Eugene Kosgoron, Monica Sterrett, Aramis Arciga
SCHOOL: Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo
CLASS: Affective Environments
PROFESSOR: Eric Nulman

Fog Bank Installation – designed and fabricated by 5th-year Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Architecture students in the Senior Thesis Design Studio “Affective Environments” taught by Eric Nulman.

‘Fog Bank’ is an installation investigating affective environments through multiple means: textural variation, light & shade, blurring, reflectivity, and varying opacity. The surface of the installation is composed of plastic tubes clustered together to form a surface derived from programmatic elements within the space. Together, the tubes create a highly animated effect, alternately shimmering with light or distorting it to create an atmosphere diffused throughout the space at once tangible yet ethereal.

All text and images via Architizer

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