REFRACT- Adam E. Anderson, Christian Poules & Alex Diaz

Check out this awesome installation from RISD students.  Created using acrylic, LEDs, and arduinos, the installation is an interactive environment that responds to the inhabitant.  Although it’s a bit small, we’d love to see a large scale installation of something like this.

STUDENT: Adam E Anderson, Christian Poules & Alex Diaz
SCHOOL: Rhode Island School of Design
CLASS: Digital Constructs Fall 2011

REFRACT is designed to embrace and deploy the phenomena of light. Triangulated planar surfaces of acrylic modules are the receivers of reflection and refraction from precise folds, which respond to light in an entirely different, more concentrated manner. The transparent acrylic has the capability of existing as both seen and unseen, dependent upon the presence of light.

Natural and synthetic sources of light accentuate the refractive characteristics produced by the acrylic material. Naturally, through its exposure to sun light. Synthetically, by the means of installed LED bulbs that are triggered by movement and light intensities read by an iPhone accelerometer and AMBI light sensor hidden in a chair. These sensors are wirelessly linked to the LEDs on the acrylic structure through radio frequencies programmed through Arduino.

Check out a video of the project

All text, images and video from Adam’s website

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