SHIELD – Nathan Mattson

Today we’re featuring a project taking on the issues of self sustainability and well being in the context of areas prone to natural disaster.  Nathan Mattson, Grad Student at the University of Michigan proposes highly adaptable, modular units which have a minimal impact on their surroundings.  They function both as quick replacements to homes destroyed in natural disasters and also as permanent solutions for promoting “green” living and protection from the elements.

SCHOOL: University of Michigan
YEAR: 2011
COURSE: Graduate
STUDENTS: Nathan Mattson

“Under the threat of devastating typhoons, flooding, and earthquakes, the Philippines can be a dangerous place to live for the impoverished. In response to this history of natural disasters destroying homes and killing countless people, Shield is a community that both protects and sustains safe living at an affordable price.”

Site Perspective

Site Plan

structural system

exploded structural diagram

open module

module variations

-All Images and Text via Nathan Mattson

2 thoughts on “SHIELD – Nathan Mattson

  1. Three years later…

    A correction: While I did attend the University of Michigan for grad school, this project was done during my undergrad at Lawrence Technological University, I believe in 2010.


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