Armadillo Crèche – Andrew Fu

It is always rare for a young student to become the lead designer and to have the opportunity actually have their design constructed.  Andrew Fu won a competition, among 60 students, to have his design for an early childhood learning center in Cosmo City built.  The building itself is bare-bones, yet at the same time extremely elegant with its touches of playfulness and use of bringing light into the classrooms.  Check it out after the jump!

SCHOOL: Cornell University
STUDENT: Andrew Fu
COURSE: Cornell University Sustainable Design (CUSD)
Year: 2011

“A realized design for an Early Childhood Learning Center. My design was chosen from 60 other designs in a studio-wide competition. The past summer I traveled with  20 other students as part of CUSD (Cornell University Sustainable Design) to construct the school. The school is located in Cosmo City and includes 4 classrooms for 80 students and a teacher training center.

The Armadillo Crèche embraces the necessity of a fence or wall for protection. Similar to an armadillo, the building curls in on itself , with a harder exterior and a more permeable under-belly. Located at the center of the creche are more communal programs such as dining and gathering.”
– Andrew Fu

Additional Credits:

Project Director : Barry Beagan
Architecture Detail Coordinator: Shuping Liu
Construction Manager: Jon Leape
Structural Eng: Thomas Shouler
Utilities: Mikey Jiang
Publicity: Jesse McElwain
Logistics: Karen-Chi Chi Lin

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