ONE LAB – Future Cities Summer 2012

We know the last thing on anybody’s mind in terms of summer plans is to spend it in studio… But, Terreform ONE – the non-profit design group promoting green design in cities – organizes a 4 week Design Lab every summer and they’re accepting applications;  it’s definitely worth checking out.  So instead of planning that road trip across America or the cliche “Backpacking through Europe” thing, try your hand at changing the world.

Terreform ONE is now accepting applications for:

ONE LAB 2011: Future Cities
ONE Lab Summer 2012 on Future Cities will address the emerging discipline of global urbaneering by assembling a wide range of innovators from fields as diverse as, architecture, material science, urban design, biology, civil engineering and media art.
ONE Lab is designed for students who wish to engage with the crossover of design and science.
This summer approximately 40 researchers will gather in New York City for 4 weeks of intense creative and scientific exploration. ONE Lab provides a unique opportunity for students to learn from internationally recognized scientists and renown designers and artists: Dr. Janna Levin, Dr. Nina Tandon, Dr. Dickson D. Despommier, Vito Acconci, Natalie Jeremijenko, Marc Forens and a host of TED Fellows.
ONE Lab consists of Design Studio, Future Cities Seminar and Future Cities Workshops. The studio will be offered in two levels – one for professional designers and students enrolled in professional schools or departments of design; one for students and individuals of various experience and background. All workshops are beginner level and no previous knowledge or experience is required.
We look forward to seeing you in New York!
Maria and MitchMaria Aiolova, LEED AP and  Mitch Joachim, PhD
Terreform ONE and ONE Lab
33 Flatbush Avenue, 7th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11217
cell: 917.921.0446

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