Academia Somaesthetica: Copacabana Fitness Club – Lisa Sommerhuber


Today we are coming at you with a project that was done in Studio Lynn at the University of Applied Arts Vienna by Lisa Sommerhuber.  The projects design is predicated on the use of a sphere creating voids within the cube to open up interior and exterior volumetric spaces.  Although we can’t say it is the strongest design logic we have seen, the final renderings and polished design are amazing.  We however do enjoy the poetic criticism on the project done by Futuregiraffes, which is well worth taking a look at after the jump!

SCHOOL: Studio Lynn at the University of Applied Arts Vienna
STUDENTS: Lisa Sommerhuber
COURSE: Studio Lynn

“Academia Somaesthetica envisions a new perception of interior and exterior through the human body. It elevates outdoor fitness to a new, urban dimension: The Copacabana beach promenade, known as the largest outdoor sports field in the world and situated in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, gets extended into the building.

Additionally, Academia Somaesthetica takes advantage of the local climate to create a new kind of non-enclosed architecture with a humongous outdoor void inside the building.

The central vertical circulation is arbitrary to both the spherical void body and the horizontal floorplates and shoots the human body right through this void volume—on escalators, an experience elevator and an adventurous swing.

The play on interior and exterior is being reflected by the program:

Individual workout happens in zones that open up to the central void through large openings provoking stark visual exposure of the exercising bodies. The intensity of the training increases as one travels upwards (warm-up – strengthening – body building).  Class rooms are more isolated to provide the right environment for internally focused techniques like yoga.”

                                                                    – Lisa Sommerhuber

Check out for their take on the project.

All text and images via SuckerPUNCH

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