Earthquake Museum- Matthew McFetridge, Victoria University

Check out this project from Matthew at Victoria University, in New Zealand.  Designed as a space that plays on the unease and uncertainty of the next earthquake, the museum manipulates the emotions of the visitors.  The design attempts to create moments in which the relationship to the space triggers emotions of remembering, reflection, and enlightenment.     The design challenges the assumed aesthetically pleasing and comforting nature of architecture.  Check it out!

STUDENT: Matthew McFetridge
SCHOOL: Victoria University of Wellington
YEAR: 3rd year

A museum is an iconic building, not just for the way it looks, but also how the program is designed. An earthquake is a tragic event that has a pronounced impact on society. It is not just the terror experience during the shocks, but also the anticipation of waiting for the next one that effects society. This ‘unease’ is key to the design of this earthquake museum, playing with users subconscious to manipulate their feelings and comfort: forming the design question bellow.

What is the intensity of a relationship between: users and space, building and ground and the building program? And how can this question standard architectural theory that architecture should be both pleasing to the eye and comfortable to the body.


All text and images via Matt’s blog on Cargo Collective

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