Black Box – Kyd Kitchaiya

This week we are kicking it off with a project from SCI-ARC by Kyd Kitchaiya, as we check out Black Box.  The project looks straight out of “Tron”, and maybe with good reason, as it designed to be a museum about energy.  The project at first glance goes right against green design in a hot climate with a black facade, but with good reason.  Check it out and find out why!

STUDENT: Kyd Kitchaiya
YEAR: 2009

“Black Box was designed to be conscientious of Los Angeles’ social and environmental context.

The museum generates its own energy along with supplying power to its neighbors. Sited on the old Natural History Museum lot, the museum became an addition for educating Angelenos and its visitors about energy.

The proposed design is wrapped in black to challenge the idea that black is an irresponsible color in a hot climate.

The black facade instead became a generative element that harvests energy from the sun to power the building. Minimal openings were made for natural lighting. The glazing pattern was cut to reflect the main circulation paths in the museum.” – Kyd Kitchaiya

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